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  • HR Services include:

    • Works to recruit and retain a diverse staff population
    • Investigates complaints of unlawful discrimination on the basis sex, gender-identity, race, religion, color, or national origin; people over 40; people with physical or mental disabilities; and veterans of the US military.
    • Assists with the coordination of reasonable and appropriate accommodations for staff persons with documented disabilities.
    • Provides guidance to staff regarding policies and procedures
    • Communicates the UCC’s commitment to inclusivity and works with a council of dedicated and committed staff to establish diversity programs and initiatives.
    • Promotes a culturally diverse and inclusive working and learning environment where current and prospective staff are treated fairly and valued for their individuality.
    • Provides mandatory compliance training (i.e., workplace harassment etc.)
    • Provides search and screening guidelines to search committees.

  • What you Need to Know… 

    • The Workers’ Compensation Program provides benefits to employees who are injured at work during the course and scope of their employment.  Benefits may include payment for medical bills and lost wages.
    • Coverage is available to full-time, part-time, and temporary employees. 
    • Coverage is not available for independent contractors.

    If you become injured on the job and it is a medical emergency,

    • Seek medical attention immediately  
    • Contact HR to Request an Incident Report
    • Complete the Incident Report ASAP and return to HR

    If it is a non-medical emergency,

    • Contact HR to Request Incident Report
    • Complete Incident Report and return to HR 
    • Seek medical attention if necessary

  • Suddath® Relocation Systems
    Contact: Rhonda Chaney
    Cell: 520.975.3056

    Stevens Worldwide Van Lines
    Contact: Vicki Bierlein

  • Training programs are offered to all staff and help foster a healthy work environment. 

    Anti-Racism/Anti-Discrimination Education – through Common Services, an anti-racism education programs is available as follows:

    • Orientation for all new employees
    • Basic anti-racism education
    • Periodic meetings and/or forums/brown bag lunches

    This education helps develop knowledge, awareness, and skills related to race.

    Preventing Workplace Harassment – this is a required program and it is designed to help employees recognize, prevent, and report any workplace harassment sexual or non-sexual. 

    Workplace HIV/AIDS Education – through the Health and Wholeness Advocacy office, this program is designed to education employees about the HIV/AIDS and prevention in ways that enable them to work through their fears and prejudices. 

    Professional Training and Development – All employees are encouraged, in conjunction with their supervisor, to develop and implement a plan for their job-related professional growth.  Employees may be provided assistance with registration, tuition fees, and the cost of required materials.

    New Employee Orientation – this program is designed to introduce all new hires to the organization and the workplace.  This is required for all new staff.

    Technology hands-on workshops – ongoing workshops are offered to all staff on computer hardware and software programs regularly used in the workplace.  Workshops include basic, intermediate, and advanced training. 

    Training and development workshops – as scheduled by HR, these workshops are designed to update staff to new benefits as well as to enhance the professional skills of the staff.  Includes technical and non-technical related topics and are led by certified specialists and consultants who are highly experienced in their fields.  

    Workplace Safety Programs – through Common Services, safety training workshops are offered to introduce safety procedures to staff;  re-certification training is offered to floor marshals through the American Red Cross.