We envision nurturing this excitement around leadership, peer mentoring and faith. Further, we hope to create an experience where youth will take off their masks and remove their shoes as they enter into worship. In other words, we hope to create a safe and sacred space where youth are free to be themselves as they encounter God and one another.

Further, the youth have articulated a desire to embrace technology. We submit; technology can be used as a “Sacred Tool of Faith Formation.” Technology will be welcomed at NYE 2012—including utilizing tablets, I-Pads, Cell Phones, Social Media, and even Skype to support and create worship, plenary and workshop experiences.Participants are invited to bring their technology! We are extending extravagant welcome—No matter your gadget, Your Technology is Welcomed Here!

Moreover, the shared vision includes providing resources for youth workers/leaders/ministers to affirm and support their great work. A Youth Leaders Track will be implemented to provide them with not only resources, but inspiration for their spirit as well. The youth workers are seeking an encounter with God, too!

Foci Summary:
This is not an exhaustive list of the hopes and vision for NYE. But a modest summary of five primary foci which includes in summation:
1. Nurturing a safe and sacred space for worship and fellowship
2. Leadership Development
3. Faith Formation
4. Technology as a Sacred Tool of Worship
5. Affirming Youth Leaders/Workers/Ministers in their Outreach

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