NYE 2012 Vision Team

NYE 2012 Vision Team


Tyler A. Cochran

Kansas—Oklahoma Conference

Tyler likes to keep things short, sweet and to the point. So here goes.

Why NYE Vision Team? The NYE Vision Team is a great opportunity to work with inspiring peers to imagine NYE!

Why Imagine? Imagine a better tomorrow; a holy tomorrow—a divine tomorrow.

Jennifer Kawaguchi

Northern California Nevada Conference

"When you imagine something, there are no limits and you are able to share and spread your ideas to make your community and the world a better place," says Jennifer. We couldn't say it more profoundly. Jennifer joined the NYE Vision team so that she could "contribute my thoughts and ideas, and help to make this a great National Youth Event." Jennifer says "When you imagine something, you can then take action towards making it a reality." NYE 2012 is becoming a reality thanks to the dedication and vision of the NYE Vision Team Members who represent youth and young adults from across the U.S.A.

Emma Ogg

Maine Conference

In the summer of 2010, Emma attended a Regional Youth Event in Boston and found the experience to be amazing. "I loved what I had been offered as a youth and I wanted to help give youth the opportunity to experience the same joy I experienced," says Emma, noting that the Regional Youth Event motivated her to join the NYE Vision Team. "Being on the NYE Vision team has given me the opportunity to give back and also to learn so many valuable life skills. This experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I'm so glad to be a part of it!"

The theme, imagine is boundless for Emma. She ponders, "What does imagine mean to me? I think imagine can mean anything you make of it because isn't that just it? Imagine a future, Imagine peace, Imagine happiness, Imagine love, Imagine friendship, Imagine adventure, Imagine prayer…because you can do anything if you just Imagine!"

Marah Schlingensiepen

Kansas—Oklahoma Conference

Serving as the chair of the youth and young adult ministries with the Kansas—Oklahoma Conference inspired Marah to join the NYE Vision Team. "I wanted to see what it was like to be a part of the wider Church," Marah shares. Adding, "I wanted to be involved and get a sense of the entire Church that I am a part of. I have seen my father (pastor of First Congregational in Topeka, KS) be a part of national settings, and I wanted to experience it, too." Marah is very excited about the theme Imagine. "I think Imagine is about the youth reaching out and finding who their God is, in ways they didn't know possible. It is a time to connect and realize there are things that we, as young people, can share in together. It is time to imagine our lives, who we are, and how we have the ability to do anything, if we just imagine," Marah explains. Marah says she is totally honored to be on the vision team. We would say 'right back at you, Marah!'

Young Adults

Jennifer Dennis

Penn Central Conference

Jennifer is the official vision team techie and behind-the-scenes junkie. "I volunteered for the Mid-Atlantic Regional Youth Event 2010 planning team and absolutely loved getting to do the 'behind-the-scenes' things that make a youth event happen," Jennifer shares. Jennifer joined the NYE 2012 Vision Team because she enjoys the thrill of being a part of making a great youth event for all the youth in the UCC denomination. She adds, "The theme imagine makes me think about all the possibilities that are out there for youth to make a difference in the world. No matter your age, you CAN make a difference in someone's life." Jennifer says she feels blessed to have the opportunity to be on the NYE 2012 Visioning Team and can't wait to be at Purdue!

Rachel McDonald

Penn West Conference

Rachel joined the NYE Vision Team while studying abroad in Europe. During the Vision Team's first site visit to Purdue, Rachel braved a dreadful time zone difference and Skyped in for team meetings. Before NYE this summer, Rachel will graduate from Baldwin-Wallace College in the spring of 2012. After NYE, Rachel will head to seminary that fall. When not scheduling her academic life around NYE, Rachel can often be found imagining possibilities in coffee shops—she loves drinking coffee. Or sharing her hopes and dreams at an open mic set - she loves reading poetry. Outside of traveling the world, earning degrees and reading poetry in Starbucks, Rachel confesses, "When I'm not reading books for class, I'm probably online playing Tetris or looking at fashion blogs." Imagine - fashion forward and fun!

Lisa Olivia Strueh

Indiana - Kentucky Conference

A Lafayette, IN native, Lisa was born and raised as a Boilermaker - Purdue University's mascot. In fact, Lisa is currently a senior at Purdue. She is also a lifelong member of the United Church of Christ who apparently can't get enough of all things UCC or all things Purdue. NYE 2012 is a match made in heaven for someone like Lisa.

"I was thrilled to hear we would be having the National Youth Event here at Purdue! I became very interested in finding out what I could do to help with the planning of this amazing event," Lisa shares. "The NYE vision team has given me this wonderful opportunity to help be a small part in the planning of this huge event. I can only IMAGINE how much of a positive impact God's work through this event will have on the youth attending and the surrounding community." Lisa's connection to West Lafayette, UCC and Purdue makes her a gift to NYE. Much like the entire NYE Vision Team, Lisa is looking forward to imagining with all individuals in attendance at NYE 2012! Go Boilermakers! Go UCC! Go Stillspeaking Youth!

Bryce Anderson

Coming Soon!

Adult Mentors

Carleton H. Borden

Northern Plains Conference

Carleton joined the National Youth Event Vision Team while he was serving as a Co-Adjunct Programs & Youth Minister. He had an opportunity to also serve on the Planning Team of the Western Regional Youth Event and found the experience fun and wanted to bring his experience and enthusiasm in support of NYE 2012. Carleton's passion for youth ministry is evident and so is his great sense of humor which is a gift to any planning team.

When he thinks about the theme Imagine, Carleton first thinks of Figment, the Disney dragon from EPCOT center. He also dreams of a day when all who want an experiential education will find it open and available to them. Carleton sends a loving shout out to his spouse Dorothy (Darcy) Borden; their two sons, George and Theodore and the family's Labradoodle, Jupiter. We should give a shout out to all of the Vision Team family members too, for generously loaning their loved ones for months of hard work and NYE visioning and planning!

Sheila Guillaume

Florida Conference

Joining the NYE Vision Team as an adult advisor was not a tough choice for Sheila. She shares, "I am on the Vision Team to help support ways for youth to IMAGINE! For me, the theme imagine means moving beyond what we know into what is possible!"

Sheila is hyped about NYE 2012 and even more excited about hang time with her husband and their son whom they both love to shower with hugs and kisses.

Keith Scott

Illinois Conference

Keith joined the NYE Vision Team as an adult mentor, compelled by God's calling on his life to work with youth. "I am called to serve our youth because I recognize and acknowledge that it is our youth that gives the church the energy, vitality and excitement that is necessary to keep our church relevant in today's society," shares Keith.

For Keith, the NYE 2012 theme is reminiscent of one of the Apostle Paul's letters to the church which states, "I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me." Phil.4:13 KJV. Keith believes God liberates our imagination to Imagine through Christ and creates unlimited possibilities. Says Keith, "There is no limit on what the Spirit of God can do through our youth to lead the church as we truly Imagine a church - That they all may be one."

2012 NYE Vision Team Welcome Video

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