NYE - Frequently Asked Questions

NYE - Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?

The National Youth Event, a UCC gathering held every four years, provides an opportunity for about 3000 youth to gather for four days of worship, workshops, faith, fun and fellowship. 

When is it? 

The next NYE will be held at Purdue University. West Lafayette, IN, July 10- 13, 2012.

•   The event will commence Tuesday with opening worship at 7 PM.  

•   Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will be filled with opportunities for worship, workshops, recreation and fellowship. 

•   NYE will conclude with closing worship on Friday evening; Saturday morning we check-out from campus dorms and travel home.  

Who plans it?

The event is coordinated by the UCC Minister for Youth in collaboration with a diverse group of youth and young adult volunteers who make up the NYE Vision Team. There is also a National Staff Table comprised of volunteers from the UCC National Setting and support from the local and conference settings of the UCC.

How much does it cost?

$425 per person, double occupancy with single beds, youth or adults.

$500 per person, single occupancy, adult chaperones only or special needs request.

What does the registration cost include?

The registration cost for NYE includes accommodation and meals from Tuesday night through Friday night.  The registration cost does not include transportation arrangements or costs.

National Youth Event 2012 Registration FAQs

Where do I register?

•   Registration for National Youth Event 2012 (NYE) is electronic.

Can individuals register for NYE or must we all register with a group?

•   All attendees must be registered with a group.
•   The preferred method is that each Adult Group Leader or the person serving as the Registrar begins the registration process by first entering themselves and then entering the adult and youth attendees. Each attendee will receive a confirmation number that can be used to log in to the account to update addresses, select workshops, make payments, etc.
•   Please see the step by step registration instructions if you are serving as the primary contact.
•   Attendees can be added or cancelled as we approach the event.
•   It is recommended that a parent or guardian’s email be used so they can receive important updates about the event as well as use it to login to their youth’s record.
•   If you are the person responsible for entering the registration information, but will not be attending, please select “Registrar Only – Not Attending” as your category.
•   Adult Group leaders will be able to have access to their rosters.

What's the difference between Adult Group Leader, Adult Chaperone and Registrar?

•   The registrar is a person responsible for registering the members of the youth group, but will not attend National Youth Event.
•   The Adult Group Leader is the main point of contact for the youth group. This person is responsible for insuring all participants connected with the youth group is aware of Safe Church covenants, medical forms, media forms and details for the safety and well-being of the group. This person is also responsible for keeping a hard copy of medical forms for all members of the group during NYE.
•   Adult Chaperones are persons who assist the Adult Group Leader with the responsibilities of safety, supervision, support and accompany the youth group.

What's the age group for youth participants of National Youth Event?

•   Youth participants in NYE must be between the ages of 13-18 years of age. We do not use grade levels because of the diversity of school systems across the country.

What is the adult to youth ratio and age requirements for adult chaperones and group leaders?

•   The UCC national setting recommends a ratio of two adults to ten youth with matching gender. We recognize that local settings and conferences will have their own safe church policy regarding adult to youth ratio. We encourage group leaders to utilize their settings recommended policy.
•   Adult chaperones and group leaders must be at least 21 years of age to serve in these roles.

What information do I need to collect in advance from youth and their guardians in preparation of registering participants?

•   Full Name, gender and age.
•   Complete address, home phone, and cell phone if available.
•   Parent or Guardian Email.
•   One emergency contact information is required with the option of providing a second contact.
•   Special needs information such as if the attendee requires a caregiver, has mobility, or dietary needs.
•   Parents/Guardians can enter this detail after the registration is complete but we will need this to provide a safe and comfortable experience for attendees. There is also space to list a specific special needs request not listed in the drop-down options.
•   Roommate Preference (this can be done at a later date)

My attendees do not have an email address. What do I do?

•   If attendees do not have an email, you may register them under yours. We ask the registrar to please provide the unique email addresses for youth participants and or their guardians if possible. Our goal is to keep guardians in the loop during National Youth Event and provide guardians access to their youth’s registration records for payments, medical information, roommate details and more.

If siblings Sally, Tom and Jo are registering, can they all register under their guardian’s email?

•   The answer is yes. Multiple people will then be associated with the same last name and email address. When one searched for that email address, all 3 siblings will be listed.
•   Each sibling would have a unique confirmation number. If Jo’s registration details needed editing, the guardian would need Jo’s unique confirmation number and the guardian’s email address to do so.

Will covenants, media release forms, medical forms, etc. now be submitted electronically?

•   That is correct. Forms will be able available for electronic signature. During on-line registration, the registrar will be prompted to electronically sign some forms. The medical forms will be available for download and can be emailed back to NYE Planning Team. The Adult Group Leader is responsible for insuring each member of the group have access to these forms—including guardians and parents. Copies of these forms are available and downloadable at www.ucc.org/nye.

How can payments be made?

•   Payments may be made by credit card or check. Attendees have the option to make partial payments if necessary. Cash payments are not accepted.

Can multiple payments be accepted for the group?

•   Yes! Multiple payments may be made for groups and individuals. Balances will be shown on the confirmation emails. A minimum initial payment of $100 is required for a registration to be processed.

If I set up the group as Adult Group Leader, can a parent/guardian also submit a payment?

•   Yes! They will need the youth’s confirmation number and the email address associated with the youth’s registration to access the account and submit payments.
•   It is important to use the youth or guardian/parent’s email address for these purposes.

How will the forms function for registration? Will the electronic signature be enough or will I still have to download and print the forms?

•   Adult Group Leaders are required to keep a hard copy of the medial forms for all group attendees (youth and adults) while participating in NYE 2012. The Adult Group Leader accepts responsibility for insuring that all attendees, parents and guardians associated with the group are familiar with the UCC Safe Policy, Covenants, Media Release form and the terms and conditions required for registration.

•   The UCC Safe Policy, Covenants, and Media Release Form must be read and the terms and conditions accepted. All forms are available for viewing and download at www.ucc.org/nye.

•   The Medical Release Form is an interactive PDF. This means the form can be filled out on-line, saved, uploaded to the attendee’s record and submitted. A copy will be sent to NYE Planning Team and a hard copy must remain with the Adult Group Leader during NYE 2012.

I can’t download the forms.  What should I do?

•   The forms are in PDF.  If you are not able to download you will need to download Adobe Reader. It is a free download that is used to read PDFs. It is a safe download.  http://get.adobe.com/reader/.
•   The forms are also available on the NYE website listed under the header "Forms".

What should we do to prepare for NYE?

•   Tell your youth group about NYE if they don’t already know!
•   Hold fundraisers to help offset the cost of your trip!
•   Help your youth group to make a short video explaining "Why we’re going to NYE 2012" and post it to the UCC YouTube Channel or to Facebook.

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