Outdoor Ministries Association

Located on the shores, in the mountains, overlooking grand mountain ranges, in the forest or on the plains, UCC Camps and Retreat Centers serve local congregations, non-profit groups, families, individuals and other business groups year 'round.

Camp programs, a compliment and extension of the Christian Education mission of the local and wider church, embrace diversity and understanding.

From the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in New Hampshire to the majestic mountains of California -- and at more than 60 sites in between -- thousands of guests of all ages and backgrounds discover and deepen their faith though encounters with God in creation and Christian community.

For more information and a list of Outdoor Ministry sites, see http://www.oma-ucc.org/


Ms. Waltrina Middleton
Minister for Youth Advocacy and Leadership Formation
700 Prospect Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio 44115