National Youth Event, July 10-13, 2012, Purdue University
Literacy Labyrinth

The Official NYE Justice, Faith and Service Outreach
“Pack a book to give a book at NYE”

NYE Literacy Labyrinth – Justice, Faith and Service Outreach:
The official NYE2012 Justice, Faith and Service Outreach will focus on literacy and accessibility to books for youth and children. The concept is inspired by a literacy campaign called Acts of Love. Acts of Love hosts nationwide book drives where books are donated to schools, after school programs, libraries and private homes to encourage and introduce the interest of reading. UCC National Youth Event, Acts of Love, United Way and the Lafayette Literacy Coalition are partnering together to build a literacy labyrinth that will raise consciousness and inspire action. The labyrinth will be designed using your donated books. Attendees are encouraged to not only drop off their donated books, but sit down and read one. Remember to pack a book to give a book at NYE.
How can I get involved?
Pack a book to give a book at NYE2012. Books are needed for children (12 and under) and youth (13-18). We welcome books written in different languages—especially Spanish. We welcome fiction and non-fiction and academic resources, including math, science, language arts, history, social science, and more. Bring your favorite book—including popular series to share with your peers.
How does the Literacy Labyrinth work?
Look for the Literacy Labyrinth in the exhibit hall at NYE on Purdue’s campus. This service project is on-going and accessible daily in the exhibit hall space. The labyrinth will be organized into sections much like a library (example: Fiction, Sci-Fi, History, etc.). As you walk through the labyrinth, drop off your donated book in the appropriate section. The labyrinth will be a meditative and educational tool for those who choose to walk through it to learn literacy facts regarding youth and children. All donated books will be distributed between Acts of Love, United Way and the Lafayette Literacy Coalition at the conclusion of National Youth Event 2012. Our goal is to collect at least one book per NYE participant. That’s nearly 3,000 books! Imagine that!
Learn More about NYE Literacy Labyinth:

Contact: Waltrina Middleton, Minister for Youth Advocacy and Leadership Formation, at middletonw@ucc.org or 216-736-3871