Young adults serving the church on national boards and committees

Representatives in the national UCC setting

Executive Council and the Office of General Ministries Board of Directors

Eric C. Smith, Maine, Assistant Moderator, General Synod 25
William E. Draper, Illinois South; Class of 2005
Marshall D. Eckblad, Wisconsin; Class of 2005
Aaron Alexander Gould, Maine; Class of 2005
Megan Hoelle, Central Pacific; Class of 2007
Jeremy J. Hylen, Michigan; Class of 2007

Justice and Witness Ministries Board of Directors

Elena Barrantes, Maine; Class of 2007
Scott Brown, New York, Class of 2009
Rebecca Chrystal, Council for Youth and Young Adult Ministries, Class of 2005
David Claypool, Rocky Mountain; Class of 2007
Ashley Ekwem, United Black Christians, Class of 2009

Local Church Ministries Board of Directors

Jeremy Davis, Pennsylvania Northeast; Class of 2005
Annie Lynn Hall, Masachusetts, Class of 2009
Holly Miller, PC, Class of 2009
Félix Ortiz-Torres, Puerto Rico, Class of 2009
Jessica Roberts, Iowa; Class of 2007
Michael Simon, Pacific Islander and Asian American Ministries, Class of 2009
Matthew Zavala, Council for Youth and Young Adult Ministries, Class of 2005

Wider Church Ministries Board of Directors

Andrew Buck, Illinois South, Class of 2009
Robbie Gilchrist, Council for Youth and Young Adult Ministries; Class of 2005
Deann Hesker, Illinois South.
Aniko Szucs, Ohio

Council for Youth and Young Adult Ministries

Representatives to ecumenical boards and groups

Student Ecumenical Partnership

Courtney Clayton, Spelman College
Elizabeth Constable, American University*
Eliza Leatherberry, Elmhurst College*
Katelyn Macrae, Colgate University

* also serves as a UCC representative on the Council for Ecumenical Student Christian Ministries

Ecumenical Young Adult Ministries Team - National Council of Churches

Rev. Heather Dillashaw
Grace Quintin

National Council of Churches General Assembly 2003 - Young Adult Steward

Stephanie Templin

Global Ministries Council of Theological Students 2002-2003


Contact Info

Da Vita D. McCallister
Minister for Youth, Young Adults and the Outdoors
700 Prospect Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44115