National and ecumenical groups with a young adult focus

Council for Youth and Young Adult Ministries (CYYAM): The Council is a national body comprised of youth and young adult representatives from the UCC regions and other recognized groups who are elected at General Synod and meet twice yearly for a two-year term. The Council's duties are to "communicate, advocate, coordinate and network" with youth and young adult leaders about and for youth and young adult programs and participation in the church.

In previous terms, CYYAM has worked to pass a mandate suggesting that all church voting bodies include as 20% of its membership youth and young adult representatives. This goal has been actively pursued in the nomination and selection of members of the boards of directors for the four covenanted ministries and in other committees and groups in various levels of the church. For information about becoming a Council representative, send an e-mail to Da Vita McCallister.

Student Ecumenical Partnership (STEP): STEP is a network for college and university students who are members of the UCC or the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) (DOC). The network has a great website and an e-mail listserv.

The STEP leadership team is a board of undergraduate students from the UCC and DOC that meets twice annually. Representatives serve alternating two-year terms, and nominations are accepted yearly. Members of the leadership team represent both denominations at the Council for Ecumenical Student Christian Ministries (CESCM).

Youth Against Social Injustice (YASI): YASI is a group of UCC and DOC youth and young adults who have mobilized for action after the World Conference Against Racism in Durban, South Africa in 2001. For more information about YASI, contact Ken Brown.

Ecumenical Young Adult Ministry Team (EYAMT): EYAMT is a committee of the National Council of Churches made up of two young adult constituents and a national staff member for each denomination represented on the team. It meets twice annually, and UCC constituents serve two-year terms. EYAMT is an opportunity for denominations to share news and resources. It has also been responsible for the ecumenical Come to the Feast events. Read a report on the last Come to the Feast event. For information about the UCC's role in this group, or on becoming a constituent, contact Da Vita McCallister.

Council for Ecumenical Student Christian Ministries (CESCM): CESCM is an ecumenical student organization with representation from the Disciples of Christ, the Episcopal Church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the Presbyterian Church (USA), the UCC and the United Methodist Church. UCC representatives to the CESCM board are members of the STEP leadership team and generally serve two-year terms.

World Council of Churches Youth Programs: The Word Council of Churches has a number of programs for what it terms Youth, or people aged 18-30, including internship opportunities and a Stewards Program. The year-long internships available through the WCC cover a broad range of issues. The Stewards Program is an opportunity to attend the meeting of the WCC Central Committee and serve as a volunteer during meeting sessions. There is also a special leadership training for the stewards and the opportunity to meet committed young adults of faith from all over the world. UCC members have participated in both these programs in the past.

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