The UCC and You

The UCC and You

The UCC and You

This section of the website is dedicated to making people aware of the unique mission and history of the United Church of Christ and of the calling to young adults to become active members and leaders of the church.

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In the national setting of the UCC, young adults serve in various capacities. Young adults (and youth!) are members of the boards of directors of every Covenanted Ministry of the UCC. They work as interns in the national offices. They serve as delegates to Synod, on the nominating and executive committees, and with various other constituency bodies of the UCC. In fact, UCC by-law 186 ("Conference Delegates") set the following guidelines for delegations to Synod: "at least twenty percent of each delegation shall be under 30 years of age at the time of the commencing of their terms, and where possible, be represented equally by (1) youth, persons of high school age; and (2) young adults, persons graduated from high school or over 19 years of age."

So ... are you a young adult looking to get involved? Want some proof that young adults aren't simply the future of the church, but active, vital participants in the present as well? Check out these stats:

Who? Who are the young adults representing you and their constituencies on the national boards?

What? What are the young adult-focused groups in which the UCC participates, and how can you get involved?

When? You know that big meeting we have every two years or so to talk about the UCC and its goals? Well, a number of these Synods have passed resolutions on young adult ministries. Read what they had to say about young adult ministries in the UCC.

And Why, exactly? Read the UCC Young Adult Ministry Mission Statement, adopted at General Synod 21 (1997).

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Da Vita D. McCallister
Minister for Youth, Young Adults and the Outdoors
700 Prospect Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44115