Call and education

Here you will find information and links about educational opportunities and discerning God's call to make your life a ministry, whether in the traditional sense of ordination or through other paths that God is calling you to follow.


Generally the notion of call is understood as a calling to ministry, with a seminary or divinity school education and a path that leads to ordination. But God grants people varied talents and abilities and calls us all to serve in many ways. The process of discernment is a method of reflecting on life's journeys that can open us up to hearing God's voice urging us in a certain direction, whether in an educational or vocational path, love, a spiritual journey or some other aspect of life.

Stephanie Templin, a young adult seminarian at Lancaster Theology Seminary, writes: "I have come to understand that answering a call from God, be it for ministry or for accounting, is more of a self-recognition of what God has placed in each one of us before we were even aware of ourselves."

You can read more of Stephanie's reflection on the meaning of call

Below are some resources for personal reflection:

What are your spiritual gifts?, A guide for discernment and reflection on your own spiritual strengths, from the website of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America.

What's your spiritual type?, A quiz from the MethodX website.

Discernment. A list of print resources from the Presbyterian Church, USA.

More discernment. This site has a wonderful article on youth discernment of a call to pastoral ministry.

Ask The Question. Ask The Question provides resources, video, music and images to help you think about God's call in your life.


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