Advent -- Second Sunday -- Candlelighting Service

Advent 2 -- Candlelighting -- Year C [PDF]

Advent Candle Lighting Service
Second Sunday of Advent

Hymn             There's a Voice in the Wilderness verse 1                              TNCH  120


Leader  One:    Our homes and our world are under siege with information:
                        Television and telemarketing; blogs and texting:
                        So much information often bearing too little wisdom. 
                        Angry voices compelling hate;
                        Quiet voices counseling complacency;
                        Mechanical voices offering “deals”--
                        Too much information!  Too little wisdom!

People:            Confusion surrounds us; Truth gets lost.

Leader Two:     We call out in our confusion:

People:            Where is your Wisdom, O God?
                        Where is the word that leads to life?

 Leader One:     We remind our selves of our ancient story:
                        John, Zachariah’s son, out in the desert at the time,
                        received a message from God.
                        He went all through the country around the Jordan River
                        preaching a baptism of life-change leading to forgiveness of sins,
                        as described in the words of Isaiah the prophet:
                        “…prepare God’s arrival! Make [God’s] road smooth and straight!”

Luke 3: 2-4: adapted from The Message © 2002 Eugene H. Peterson;
reproduced with permission



 Leader Two:     Let us light this second candle of Advent, a candle of Peace.
                        In its light, let us think, quietly and peacefully, about what voices
                        of true life-change and forgiveness
                        are speaking in our world right now.              

                        In a few words, let’s share those voices with each other.

People:            Share briefly

Leader One:     Let this candle of Advent Peace shine in our hearts all week
                        And remind us to enter times of quiet and peace in order to listen,
                        through the noise of our lives, for the call to prepare for the Holy One.

Song                          The Universe is Bending                      Sing! Prayer and Praise 88

                                    The Universe is bending,
                                    Stretching long and stretching out,
                                    Embracing all our struggles with
                                    Gentle arms of Hope.

                                    The Universe is bending,
                                    Stretching long and stretching out
                                    And it’s leading toward Freedom
                                    By the Clear Light of Love.

            Words: Jeremy McLeod © 2006. All rights reserved.  Used by permission.   



Hear Wisdom's Voice! Advent Two Candlelighting Service was written by the Rev. Susan A. Blain, Minister for Worship, Liturgy and Spiritual Formation, LCM.
Copyright 2009 Local Church Ministries, Congregational Vitality and Discipleship Ministry Team, United Church of Christ, 700 Prospect Avenue, Cleveland, OH  44115-1100.  Permission granted to reproduce or adapt this material for use in services of worship or church education.  All publishing rights reserved. 



Rev. Susan A. Blain
Minister for Worship, Liturgy and Spiritual Formation
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