Advent -- Fourth Sunday -- Chirstmas Fund Offering

A Prayer of Dedication for Christmas Fund Special Offering [PDF]

Fourth Sunday of Advent

The Christmas Fund offering (sometimes called Veterans of the Cross
offering) is an expression of appreciation and caring to those who
served as clergy (and certain lay employees) who are now retired or
disabled and financially strained. During this holy time of year, the offering
is a profound gift. It helps provide pension supplements, health premium
subsidies, emergency assistance to active or retired clergy families, and
Christmas gift checks to hundreds of retirees and to those who disabled.
This prayer of dedication may be used following a general offering or a
special time for receiving the Christmas Fund offering.

Prayer of Dedication

One: Let us pray. Eternal God, you have called us to obedience to the
faith for the sake of Christ’s name among all the nations.

People: We praise and thank you for our church’s pastors who have
instructed and encouraged us in faith through all the years.

One: We remember those who continue to serve the church through
their prayers, through participation in church life, and in public

People: In good times and hard times, bless them with courage and steadfast
faith. Bless also these gifts. We offer them as gifts of compassion
and gratitude for those obedient to you in their time of leadership
and in their time of need. During these holy days, anticipating
your advent, hold them and all your children close. In Christ’s
name, Amen.

This prayer was written by Donald Stumpf. He is the director of ministerial assistance with The Pension
Boards—United Church of Christ, in New York, New York. For more information about the Christmas Fund
Special offering, you may contact him by phone at 800.642.6543, extension 2838, or by e-mail at

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