Lent -- Good Friday

Our Hope for Victory
Good Friday

O God, we return today to remember the love and sacrifice of Jesus,
and to contemplate what it means to have faith
in the midst of suffering, loss, and injustice.
Even in this story of broken lives and broken hearts,
we trust in your presence, your powers, and your ways.
We trust that in the midst of suffering,
You, O God, are comfort.
When injustice appears to triumph,
and justice appears to have been crucified,
You, O God, are the one who calls us
to believe the good news
and act with justice.
When we stray from the path on which you lead us,
You, O God, offer grace that invites us
back to your ways.
When night surrounds us, and we are fearful and lacking vision,
You, O God, are the light that finds,
surrounds and guides us.
When the world groans under the bonds of oppression,
violence and indifference,
You, O God, empower your people
to offer the balm of courageous compassion
and peacemaking.
When the curtain has ripped, the thunder has rolled,
and the world appears to have lost its Savior,
You, O God, are our hope for victory!
We wait for you. Amen.

Our Hope for Victory: Litany for Good Friday was written by the Rev. Kelly Burd, Interim Minister for Youth and Young Adults, Local Church Ministries/Justice Witness Ministries.
Copyright 2009 Local Church Ministries, Congregational Vitality and Discipleship Ministry Team, United Church of Christ, 700 Prospect Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44115-1100. Permission granted to reproduce or adapt this material for use in services of worship or church education. All publishing rights reserved.


Rev. Susan A. Blain
Minister for Worship, Liturgy and Spiritual Formation
700 Prospect Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio 44115