Easter -- Service Prayers -- 2nd Sunday

Calling Out Doubt:
Prayers of Faith for the Second Sunday of Easter

Introduction: These service prayers respond to the fear and disbelief of the disciples
after Jesus was resurrected. The Risen Christ comes to meet us in our doubt, giving
faith and second chances to all earnest, searching believers.

Call to Worship

Leader: Come to worship Jesus Christ, risen forever.
All: Come to rejoice in life born out of death.

Leader: Come to grasp hope in the face of fear.
All: Come to find forgiveness for your sins.

Leader: Come to release your doubts into the very presence of God.
All: Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!


God of resurrection hope, as you have raised Jesus Christ from death,
raise us to new life in your tender care. Draw near and fill us this day
with your Holy Spirit. Call us back from places of distraction.
Lift the veil of daily routine that hides your constant presence from
us. Show us the path of true life, that we may know joy beyond joy in
your light. Amen.

Call to Confession

In the time that has passed since Easter Sunday, have we become a
changed people? Have we lived with hope and promise, trusting in the
Risen Christ? Or have we been more like the earliest disciples, still
gathered behind locked doors out of fear? Trusting in a second-chance God
who meets us as dedicated yet doubting followers, let us confess our sins in
the presence of Christ and one another.

Prayer of Confession

Gracious and loving God,
the resurrection of your Son has not pulled us far from our old ways.
Our faith becomes fear in the face of the world’s troubles. We trust
more in the power of “the way things are” than in the new life you
grant. We hesitate to speak out against wrong, convinced it will do no
good. We excuse ourselves from chances to help others, fearing for our
security. We stay busy with small concerns to avoid facing our

Holy God, forgive our fears and our doubts.
Plant Easter seeds in us to push through the packed, dead ground of
old habits. Transform our suffering into greater faithfulness.
Catch us up into the dance of your Holy Spirit,
so that we may find hope and strength for the living of these days.

Assurance of Pardon

Even the hardest and most unchanging rock gives way to the persistent
dripping of water. In the same way, God’s continual grace washes away our
failings and shapes us into faithful disciples of Christ. By the waters of
baptism, God forgives us all our sins. Let go of the old ways. Live new lives
of confident faith, abundant hope and overflowing love.
Thanks be to God! Alleluia!

Call to Offering

Christ showed the disciples scars of violence on his body: the spear wound in
his side, and nail marks in his hands and feet. How shall we respond to the
scars of violence around us today? To those living with the effects of war, to
the mentally ill, to the homeless and hungry stranger, to the addict, to the
person who has been abused? For those wounded in the Body of Christ to
day, let us respond with caring hands and generous hearts. The offering
will now be received.

Prayer of Dedication

God of the impossible made possible,
make of these offerings more than checks and cash.
Transform them into salve for the wounded bodies of your children.
In the ministries that these gifts empower,
bring forth light, bring hope out of despair and new life from certain death,
by the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Go from this community of disciples with hope that overcomes your fears.
Go with the promise of new life. Go with faith in God that anchors you in a
sea of doubts. Go with the peace of the Risen Christ and the blessing of the
Holy Spirit now and forever. Amen. Alleluia!

Calling Out Doubt: Prayers of Faith for the Second Sunday of Easter was written by
Obadiah Ballinger, a young adult in seminary at Yale Divinity School, where he is
preparing to serve as a United Church of Christ pastor.

Copyright 2008 Local Church Ministries, Worship and Education Ministry Team, United Church of Christ, 700 Prospect Avenue, Cleveland, OH
44115-1100. Permission granted to reproduce or adapt this material for use in services of worship or church education. All publishing rights



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