Special -- The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Sunday

God to Whom We Belong:
Martin Luther King, Jr., Sunday

God to whom we belong, we know…
that each person is of infinite worth to you,
that You delight in all our colors, shapes, and sizes,
and that You dwell in the love that holds us together
as your One Body.
Held captive by the bondage of racism,
we confess that at times
we have failed to love -- alienating ourselves
from You, our community, and our very souls.
May we overcome the temptation to live in fear:
insular and distant from one another.
May we find strength in You
to stop quietly accepting the system
that divides, excludes, and crucifies your Body.
Source of all that is just and true,
fortify us with the courage and integrity
to draw one another out of numb, collective amnesia
and remember your love that holds us close.
Let us never forget who we are in You,
because it is only in You that we are freed
from the shackles of guilt and sin
to act with sincere passion for justice.
Trusting in your future promise,
we anticipate the day when racism will be no more.
Living and moving in your Spirit,
strengthen us to be active participants
in the fulfillment of that promise! Amen.

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Rev. Susan A. Blain
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