Special -- Seminary Sunday

A Prayer for the Seminaries of the United Church of Christ
Seminary Sunday
Fourth Sunday in February

Based on a reading of Psalm 27

Sheltered under the wings of your protection, Eternal and all-wise God, we gather to pray for our seminaries. Each is steeped in history and tradition; we know they will provide solid education. So we gather to pray not just for the institutions but also for the people who work and learn in them—administrators, faculty, staff, and students. We pray for their minds, bodies and spirits.

O God, we pray that they will know you and serve you in ways that empower all of us. Search those who teach and those who prepare for ministries of peace, justice, and compassion and let them be fitting vessels for your work. Find those deep places where fear, anxiety, and insecurity reside and fill them with your grace, mercy and love. Shine your light on their gifts, bless and multiply them to your service.

May we find ways to support their work and may we rejoice in the fruits of their labors. We are grateful for the covenant and commitments we share. May we rest in the assurance that you continue to hold and keep us all in your care and in your heart. Equip us—lay, clergy, student—with your Spirit, shower us with your grace and mercy, instill in us your power to be your hands and feet in our spheres of influence, keep us humble that we might serve the least and the lost.

We hold to the promise that we will see your goodness in the land of the living; help us to wait for you, to be strong, to be courageous, to be confident, to be bold.

O God, our God, you are our light and our salvation. In partnership with our seminaries, we thank you for all of our blessings and those to come in the fullness of time. And we pray in the name of Jesus our Christ, amen. 


For more information about United Church of Christ seminaries, see http://www.ucc.org/higher education/school/seminaries.html


A Prayer for the Seminaries of the United Church of Christ was written by the Rev. Barbara Essex, UCC  Minister for Higher and Theological Education.  Rev. Essex was formerly the Minister and Director of Pastoral Services at Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, CA; she is a  best-selling Pilgrim Press author—latest volume, More Bad Girls of the Bible.

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