Special -- Prayer for our School-Related Church

A Litany for Higher Education Sunday
22nd Sunday after Pentecost

The United Church of Christ Council for Higher Education celebrates the colleges, academies, seminaries, and universities that are related to the UCC by history and close ties. This litany was prepared in honor of students and teachers, mentors and friends of those in schools everywhere and at every level of study. From grammar school to community college, from UCC-related to state university system, from Sunday School to adult studies: faith and learning go together. A soulful education is an adventure to find and share a sense of place with all people and environmental locations in the world.

One: Let us gather our hearts, minds, and bodies in prayer:
Loving God of harvest and rain,
Inspire your daughters of prophecy and your sons of vision.

All: Our strength is in a liturgy of learning about your many faces.
One: God of wildflower covered hills,
God of sparrow - elephant - and wild orchids in the woods:

All: Our hope is in the wellspring of the coming generation;
the common good is found by sharing stories and dances, cultures and textures.

One: Inspire our dreams that serve each other,
and teach us to learn to dream!

All: Living God of science and technology,
crayons and laptops,
forest and city, mountain and farm
inspire your daughters of vision and your sons of prophecy.

Prayer for our School-Related Church was written by Dr. Kimberly Whitney, Minister for Higher and Theological Education, LCM, quoting Rev. Dr. José Abraham De Jesús' phrase "a liturgy of learning." Dr. Bryant Cureton has, with Rev. Dr. David Greenhaw, spoken of our being a "school-related church."

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Rev. Susan A. Blain
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