Special -- PAAM Sunday

Service Prayers for
Pacific Islander Asian American Ministries Sunday

If there are members or friends of the congregation from a PAAM culture, invite them to share music and dance from their cultural background, and to teach familiar prayers and psalms in their language.


Call to Worship 

            Come Let us give thanks to Our God

            and proclaim God’s greatness;

            Sing praises and tell the wonderful things God has done.

            Let us come before our God for worship and help

            Our God will keep the covenant forever

            May our God give strength to God’s people!

            Let all who worship God rejoice.

                                                                        (Adapted from Psalm 105 GNB)


Opening Prayer/Words 


I love our GOD, who hears me and listens to my prayers.

God listens to me every time I call.

(Adapted from Psalm 116: 1- 2 GNB)

Surely God is ready to save those who give honor,

and God’s saving presence will remain in our Land.

Love and faithfulness will meet; righteousness and peace will embrace.

(Adapted from Psalm 85: 9 – 10 GNB)

This is the day which our God has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.

(Adapted from Psalm 118:24 RSV)


Invocation A Liturgical dance based on traditions of a PAAM culture.



            O God, we invoke your loving presence in our midst,

            we gather here to worship and praise you

            for the blessings we receive from you.

            As we gather from far and near, fill us with your Spirit

            and help us through this worship to hear your still small voice.

            O God, transform us though your love

            and claim us  as your children.

            Let this worship bring glory and honor to you. Amen


Prayer of Confession (In Unison)

            O God, we are unworthy to come to your throne of grace,

            but your love is so amazing

            that you will lead us in the right path and give us new strength.

            Forgive us Lord,

            for we fail to recognize your loving presence in our lives.

            Every time we face trials, temptations and problems

            you help us to regain our confidence in you

            by your mighty act of redemption.

            Forgive us for not being faithful in remembering

            your everlasting love in our weakness.

            Forgive us when we fear so much for our future

            That we  manipulate to accumulate wealth.

            O God, remind us you will lead us and

            provide us all our wants.

            We ask for forgiveness

            in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ

            who gave his life so that we may

            have our life in abundance. Amen.


            God has heard our prayers and in confidence and hope

            we are bold to say the prayer our Lord Jesus Christ taught us…


The Lord’s Prayer
can be taught and then recited in the language of a PAAM culture


Reading of Psalm 23  


Reading of Scriptures

Acts 9: 36- 43, Revelation 7: 9 – 17 and St. John 10:22 - 30




Apostles’ Creed


Intercessory Prayer (Prayer of an Immigrant)

God of immigrants,

we, the people of PAAM, Pacific Islanders and Asian Americans,

come before you recollecting the great men and women of the Bible

who were immigrants and whom you helped in their lives’ journeys. 


Abraham and Sarah followed your call to leave their country and family,

Give us faith like Abraham and Sarah to live in times of difficulties.


When Rebecca was asked to go to leave her home

and travel to a different country to marry Isaac, in trust she started her journey, 

O God, give us trust like Rebecca.


Jacob worked hard for years in a different country to establish a family,

O God, give us the opportunity to work like Jacob.


Honesty and sincerity elevated Joseph to high office far from home,

O God, help us to live honest and sincere lives.


Moses remembered the struggles of his people in a foreign land,

O God, help us to think of our people in time of their need.  


In exile, Nehemiah prayed and had a vision of betterment for his people,

O God, help us to foster prayer and vision in our life.


Esther and Mordecai for risked their lives in a foreign land

for the good of their people,

O God, give us the courage to serve our people.


Paul persevered far from his home to spread the Gospel

to the world and be a witness for your love,

O God, give us perseverance and faith to show the world

love for one another

and to ensure a witness to your “Still Speaking” voice.


O God, we pray for the people of our many communities in different countries

who are affected by natural disasters:

earthquake, Tsunami, Mud slides, Hurricanes;

and who are affected  by human injustice:

child labor, abuse of women, human trafficking and war,

Hear our prayers, O God, and make us instruments

of peace and justice.           Amen 


Offertory Prayer 

            O loving and giving God

            we bring to you a portion of what you have given to us.

            We thank you for the opportunity to give

            and may these gifts be used to establish your will.

            Accept these gifts and use them for your glory.         Amen.


The Prayer of Dedication (Unison)

            O God we pray to give us mind and heart

            to use the gifts and talents you have given us.

            When Moses used his shepherd’s crook,

            your power flowed through that rod.

            When Joshua dedicated his spear, 

            miracles were performed with your help.

            When David used his sling and stone in your name

            he brought down a giant.

            When a child willingly offered five loaves and two fish,

           Jesus fed 5000.

            Dorcas had a needle, and used it to make clothes for the poor.    

            Help us, Lord, to dedicate what ever gifts and talents we have

            to use for church and community.

            Here we are, Lord, accept and use us for your glory. Amen.



            The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is our redeemer,

            the love of God the Almighty Creator

            and the Fellowship and the communion of the Holy Spirit the sustainer

            be with you all now and for ever.  Amen.

            Go in peace.      Amen.


The Worship Ends and Service Begins. . . 



Service Prayers for PAAM Sunday, was written by the Rev. Dr. Christopher Ponneraj, pastor of Bedford Congregational UCC of the Bronx, NY.

Copyright 2010 Local Church Ministries, Congregational Vitality and Discipleship Ministry Team, United Church of Christ, 700 Prospect Avenue, Cleveland, OH  44115-1100.  Permission granted to reproduce or adapt this material for use in services of worship or church education.  All publishing rights reserved. 



Rev. Susan A. Blain
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