Pentecost -- Holy Trinity, We Bless You!

A Litany for Trinity Sunday
Trinity Sunday

Trinity Sunday invites us to reflect on the character and mission of God. The language of "Father, Son, and Holy Spirit," enriched today by feminine imagery, speaks not only of the ways we experience God as creator, redeemer, and sustainer. The language also reminds us that God's essential nature is not closed, distant, or aloof but inviting, intimate, and communal. The understanding is more than any doctrine that many may find baffling. Recent theological reflection proposes the Trinity as a model for unity in diversity—an ecumenical vision. The Trinity witnesses to the suffering of the cross, both at Calvary and today, and is experienced fully within the totality of God. Just social and economic relations have as their pattern the mutuality of Trinitarian relationships. Today in song and prayer, in offering and sacrament, we experience love flowing through and among the Triune God like a divine dance seeking infinite partnership with the whole creation.

In this litany, the congregational response is taken from the ancient text "Agios O Theos" ("Holy God"). Following the reading of this litany, your congregation is invited to sing "Agios O Theos" found on page 747 or a doxology found on pages 776 through 782 of The New Century Hymnal.

One: Holy Trinity, sovereign over all you create, origin and goal of all that is, cosmic in reach yet infinite in love, embrace our hope and hurt this day with fatherly compassion, and bestow in your motherly heart a determined vision for justice and peace in the world of your divine imagination.

People: Holy God, holy and mighty, holy and eternal, have mercy on us.

One: Holy Trinity, made flesh with us in Jesus of Nazareth, touch our sin with the Redeemer's grace, share our suffering with the Companion's love, instruct our hearts with the Teacher's wisdom, and let manger, cross, and empty tomb become the pattern for our own lives after the Christ who is our way, our truth, our life.

People: Holy God, holy and mighty, holy and eternal, have mercy on us.

One: Holy Trinity, pouring out abundant life in the dance and dreams of the Spirit, brooding over Eden and beckoning toward the New Jerusalem, invite us into the energy of your life that, together with all creation, we may conspire to be abundant signs and instruments of your design.

People: Holy God, holy and mighty, holy and eternal, have mercy on us.

One: Triune God we bless you, and we praise your holy name.

People: (The congregation sings a doxology.)

This litany was prepared by the Reverend John H. Thomas, general minister and president of the United Church of Christ, Cleveland, Ohio at For more information about worship and liturgy, contact the Worship and Education Ministry Team, Local Church Ministries, United Church of Christ at

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