December 1, 2012 - World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day

The congregation of Ramotswa a UCC church in Botswana is nothing if not patient. More than 5 years ago, work began on a new church building but as Global Ministries missionary Jim Wilson attests, "each time we came close to realizing that goal, a new obstacle would appear in front of us – a lack of money, no contractor," and many other obstacles. But the problems and the delays do not seem to shake the congregation's faith. "This congregation is testimony that seeking the Kingdom of God is never about fretting about what we have, don't have or should have," Wilson said. No matter how slow the process is to build the new church, Ramotswa UCCSA continues "to have a strong commitment to social outreach - HIV & AIDS, clothing drives, economic empowerment; visiting the sick and actively receiving all who enter the church's premises with hospitality," Wilson said.

Psalm 25:1-10

Nehemiah 9:26-31

Luke 21:20-24

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