October 9, 2012

Part of 'being church' is to respond to the spiritual needs of a community. The Protestant Church of Timor Leste (IPTL), a partner of Global Ministries, accomplishes this through the tradition of "kultu uma kain" – family worship service. This ministry literally brings church to the people by conducting worship services in a family's home. Tom and Monica Liddle, Global Ministries' missionaries who served with the IPTL, have participated in these services and say that they are a way to bring worship to remote parts of East Timor. The service is tailored to the individual family's concerns and is also a way for lay people to be involved in leadership of the church. The Rev. Sammuel De Jesus of Immanuel Protestant Church in Lospalos says that the tradition began out of necessity during the Indonesian occupation of Timor. Tom and Monica say, the ministry continues so that "church members feel a sense of community and solidarity in a context where many are on the margins of society."

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