October 6, 2012

Myrbeth Culver, a member of Plymouth Church, UCC in Milwaukee, knows it was no accident that God's wisdom created us with two ears and one mouth. While attending a Missionworks 2010 gathering in Cleveland, Ohio, Myrbeth was reminded how important it is, especially when in mission around the world, to do more listening than talking. "I knew, but revisited, the importance about relationships, the fact that we have to listen to what they need and then respond," Myrbeth said. By listening at Missionworks, Myrbeth knew that the UCC is in mission with more than 150 partner churches in more than 90 countries. "As companions with many partners nationally and internationally, we seek to lift up the needs in our world and unite in a common mission of service," Myrbeth explained. There is one area for improvement, she said. "We give easily but sometimes have a hard time receiving from others. A phrase that applies here is that you can't hug if both arms are full."

Lectionary Citations
Complementary Semicontinuous
Psalm 8 Psalm 26
Genesis 23:1-20 Job 7:1-21
Luke 16:14-18 Luke 16:14-18

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