October 10 2012

Who hasn't had the experience of waiting impatiently for an appointment at a doctor's office thinking of all the things you could be doing? Xuyen Dangers, Global Ministries' personnel in Laos, helped solve that problem and provided some great experience for volunteer social work students at the same time. Every Saturday, students visit the National Rehab Center and provide waiting patients with activities and diversions – from newspapers and storytelling to arts and crafts. One session produced a door mat weaving that would sell for 3000 kip (about 30 cents per piece). The real value is in the connection being made between the students and the patients. It is also a way for Xuyen to see the students at work and to determine who could qualify for scholarships and be recommended for inclusion in School Without Walls – part of the volunteer program in Laos.

Complementary Semicontinuous
Psalm 112 Psalm 55:1-15
Jeremiah 3:6-14 Job 15:1-35
Matthew 5:27-36 Matthew 5:27-36

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