January 9, 2013

Psalm 72
Numbers 24:15-19
Luke 1:67-79

Land of the Sky UCC in Asheville, NC and Sycamore UCC in El Cerrito, CA, now have the opportunity to expand their educational ministries, and widen the welcome in their communities thanks to the financial assistance of the United Church of Christ Local Church Ministries (LCM). The churches are two of 15 congregations awarded grant money for new and renewing churches as LCM continues its mission to give congregations across the country resources to grow in ministry and worship. "What I find exciting about … is the number of congregations that are growing in the UCC today,” said the Rev. David Schoen, minister and team leader of the Congregational Vitality and Discipleship Ministry Team."

The other thing exciting about the current 15 congregations that were funded is their diversity. They're African American, Hispanic, Asian congregations, some with a long history. And a number of them are expressing their extravagant welcome." Land of the Sky UCC and Sycamore UCC represent the diversity among the 15 congregations. Land of the Sky is a church new to the UCC, while century-old Sycamore is a historically Japanese congregation that is becoming more multicultural.

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