January 16, 2013

Psalm 106:1-12
Numbers 27:1-11
Luke 11:33-36

The Rev. David A. Fleming has every right to feel relieved that Community UCC in Margate, NJ, is still standing almost unscathed in the wake of Hurricane Sandy's destructive path along the Eastern seaboard. But he says his relief is muted, because some of his congregants are not as fortunate.

Margate, an island community along the Atlantic Ocean, was evacuated because it sat in the middle of Sandy's path. The storm made landfall on Monday, Oct. 29, 2012 destroying houses and buildings with high winds, and causing more damage across the Eastern U.S. with floodwaters.

"A good number of my families that live on the island have suffered major flooding in their homes," Fleming said. Two of those families from Margate and Longport have had their homes declared total losses from water and electrical damage. Fleming said there were at least six more families who have homes that took on water.

Witnessing the effect of the storm on the community has given the congregation, and others like it, a new purpose.

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