How to Use The Calendar of Prayer

Congregations and individual make use of The Calendar of Prayer/Mission Moments in many different ways.  Here are some of them:

  • Use the PDF version as a bulletin insert.  It is designed to be copied.  Simply download the week and print!
  • Use The Calendar of Prayer/Mission Moments to track prayer concerns.  When you have intercessory prayer, invite your members to write down the names of people they are holding in prayer that week.  Occasionally, particularly when disasters strike, you might ask everyone in the church to write a brief prayer for the person or situation. Pass these forward and bless them, and send notes to the particular person or agency.  Through not listed on the PDF version, contact information for persons and agencies (where available and appropriate) can be found on the website in the daily edition.
  • Use the daily hyperlinked version of The Calendar of Prayer/Mission Moments to reach out to and learn about the work of the church in the wider world.  Send out letters and e-mails and share the responses that you receive, knowing that the words and prayers that you offer can be tremendously encouraging.
  • Ask young people to find out who is listed on their birthday.  Once they find out, have them write to them.  Chances are they will receive an answer!
  • When you church has a potluck supper, print off The Calendar of Prayer/Mission Moments stories and place them around the table.  On the back side, write the contact information and encourage those present to send letters.
  • Encourage your Mission Committee to say a word on Sunday mornings about some of the people, churches and agencies listed The Calendar of Prayer/Mission Moments each week.  Invite your confirmands to write notes to confirmands in other congregations . . . or other countries.
  • In a youth, young adult, adult, or Confirmation class, have a world map and a map of the United States of North America available.  Have persons put a pushpin, or stick a dot, on the areas that the week's prayers lift up, thus giving the students a visual perspective of the global ministry of the UCC. 
  • From time to time, copy a week of entries, cut out each one, and place it in an envelope.  Use your internet browser or the daily version to locate the contact information.  Then take those seven envelopes and place them at random in the Sunday bulletins.  During the service, ask those who received an envelope to say a word or two about that entry; also encourage them to write a note and send it.  Churches that do this find that many of their letters are answered.  Place these responses on a mission bulletin board.
  • Some congregations use the PDF version to print enough copies to place in the pews for a Sunday morning so that parishioners can read them before worship or during a quiet time in worship. (Preferably not during the sermon though). 
  • Finally, consider opening your church meeting using the daily entry from The Calendar of Prayer/Mission Moments.  In this way, we are all reminded that we are indeed a part of the work and witness of the wider church.  We recognize how diverse God's world and church actually is.  And, through the power of prayer we are all strengthened.