February 2, 2013

Psalm 71:1-6
2 Chronicles 36:11-21
John 1:43-51

Getting food to the hungry can be just the beginning in the fight against hunger.  There is also the need for food security – a need that is being addressed through the Farmstead Food Security Project at Mt. Selinda. The United Church of Christ in Zimbabwe (UCCZ) is a partner of Global Ministries, sharing the same goals in areas such as education and health care.  The UCCZ is working to combat hunger in the Eastern Highlands area of Zimbabwe through the food security project at Mt. Selinda. The program aims to build a farmstead with fences and buildings to keep the animals in enclosed spaces, and also to store harvested grain. The farmstead will cut down on theft and provide a more permanent and sustainable operation.  In 2012, there were 40 pigs, 100 chickens and more than 39 acres of corn and two acres of sugar beans produced. The farmstead project benefits patients at Mt. Selinda Hospital, the children of the orphanage and people in the surrounding communities.

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