November 29, 2012

"One night I was dreaming that I was preaching in the pulpit, and I saw people coming in with chains on their feet and handcuffs," said the Rev. Jose Claudio, a social justice advocate and strong supporter of the UCC's Open and Affirming (ONA) position. "One man came into the church, sat in the front pew, and I could see the handcuffs falling off and the chains breaking off, and hear the noise of the chains hitting the floor." This dream heralded the Rev. Claudio's call to ministry and in May 2011 he was ordained as pastor of Iglesia Unide De Cristo El Neuvo Camino in Buffalo, NY. "In my research in talking to LGBT family members, I noticed there was a lot of pain from people who wanted to be in a church, but they felt they were rejected and marginalized," said Claudio. His ordination began El Neuvo's ONA journey and brought his dream of a welcoming church environment into reality.

Psalm 25:1-10

Nehemiah 9:6-15

1 Thessalonians 5:1-11

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