April 11, 2013

Psalm 30
Isaiah 5:11-17
Revelation 3:14-22

The capital campaign was called "Seeds of Hope” - exactly what the Rev. Gretchen Deeg wanted to plant when she introduced the idea of becoming a carbon neutral church to her congregation. When the church achieves this goal, the building will have a net zero carbon footprint, essentially negating its environmental impact. It's a lofty endeavor for the Minneapolis-based Mayflower Church UCC, but by taking it one phase at a time, Deeg is confident they will succeed. Her members hope to inspire others to rise to the challenge.

"There are a lot of multimillion-dollar businesses out there – if a church can get this done, why can't they?” Deeg said. "As one church, we are not going to change climate change. But, if we are a model of hope and we can get other churches, businesses and homes to do it, we can make a huge impact.”

With the help of UCC congregations everywhere, Mission 4/1 Earth, hopes to accomplish more than 1 million hours of engaged earth care, 100,000 tree plantings across the globe, and 100,000 advocacy letters written and sent on environmental concerns.

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