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Resources from  United Church of Christ 

Letters from My Sisters – A series of booklets for women to share words of comfort and wisdom gained while experiencing the challenges that life has to offer.  These open letters are offered as a way of bringing hope and strengthening faith.
Words of wisdom and comfort are offered in the following booklets:

  • Living with the experience of Breast Cancer -- $1.50
  • Women Living with Disabilities --  $1.50
  • Women Living with a Brain Disorder -- $1.50
  • Women Living with Domestic Violence -- $3.00
  • Women and Reproductive Choice -- $3.00
  • Words from Gulf Coast Women Survivors --$3.00

Order from United Church of Christ Resources, 800-537-3394

The Tapestry Series:

Joshua: A Journey of Faith 
The 2009 -2010 theme for this Women's Bible program material, Joshua: A Journey of Faith, offers:
  • Nine separate lessons
  • Discussion Questions
  • Stimulating artwork and prayers
  • Suggestions for Leaders
  • Key Program

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