Membership Subscription Information

Membership Subscription Information

UCC Women in Mission* is a cooperative Mission Partnership Program that offers:

The New "Women In Mission" page.  Your annual donation of $34.00 per year for the paper version, helps to enable this space for us to gather, grow and be in mission together.

 Benefits with your donation:

  • Additional 10% discount in UCC Resources
  • 3 editions of "Common Lot" the magazine per year (downloadable and e-mail)
  • 1 edition of "The Tapestry Series" Women's Bible Study mailed to your home
  • Installation Service

Other related benefits of developing this closer relationship:

  • Regional Consultants
  • Webinars
  • Networking in new and exciting ways

Beginning July 1, 2009 these new rates are in affect and there will no longer be group memberships. 

*All mission dollars received support grassroots mission grants and the Victims Assistance Fund, underwriting survivor advocacy resources and training.

Each year UCCWM picks a theme related to women – economic justice, healthcare, etc and local churches wishing to start programs related to that theme can apply for a grass roots grant of up to $500. It must have matching money from two other places (at least) local church, association, community organizations, etc. A year-end report back form is required inemizing how the money was used, whether the project was a success and will it be ongoing.

The Victims Assistance Fund is an opportunity for familes, with conference support, to receive up to $500 toward counseling for actions related to sexual misconduct in a local church.