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Welcome to the Women's Page

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Women's Week 2013
Women’s Week 2013 Information and Resources

The National Listening Campaign on Women's Ministries

The National Listening Campaign on Women's Ministries was developed as a process to listen primarily to the voices of women within the United Church of Christ. The data was collected for the purpose of envisioning and reshaping women's ministry for the 21st Century. Results will be utilized to assist the church in its response to more effectively meet the needs of women in 21st Century congregations that are reflecting changing demographics, new challenges and emerging dreams.

Executive Summary of NLC Report and Next Steps Discussion
National Listening Campaign on Women's Ministries Report

The Women's Program Resource

Update on Healthcare for Women
Recently Common Lot issue 119 shared with readers how the Health Care Reform bill will impact women.  Unfortunately so much of the political rhetoric presented daily by the media is short on real facts.  Faithful Reform in Health Care continues to research and unpack the truth about how the bill will make a difference in women’s lives.  Each day they are sharing information about some aspect of the bill and its effects on women’s lives.  Check out truly accurate information about healthcare reform and its impact on the lives of women by visiting this page and using the left navigation to choose the most current day.  Please note that you will be leaving the United Church of Christ Web Site.

Tapestry Bible Study

Journeys through Revelation:
Apocalyptic Hope for Today
By Barbara Rossing With Suggestions for Leaders by Louise Lawson Johnson

What comes to mind when you think of the book of Revelation?
Scary images? The four horsemen come to unleash destruction?
Mysterious numbers such as “666”? The endtime battle of Armageddon?

In recent years, an enormous prophecy industry has marketed frightening images of Revelation, leaving many people intimidated by this amazing and often misunderstood book. Although brimming with mysterious symbolism, Revelation ultimately is a book of hope that throughout history has sustained people who are oppressed. It is a wonderfully Christ-centered book, full of worship and praise.

In the 2010-2011 Tapestry Bible study, Journeys through Revelation:
Apocalyptic Hope for Today, Barbara Rossing guides us on a journey to meet the crucified Lamb, Jesus. In a journey reminiscent of the ancient Israelites’ exodus from slavery, we are led from an unjust empire and its system of domination, through mythic battles and plagues, until, ultimately, we find ourselves in a renewed creation where God comes to live with us on earth. This brilliantly hope-filled vision speaks to us in the midst of the urgent crises of our day. In a time when all of creation stands at a turning point, a kairos moment, Revelation can help guide the choices we make each day as we seek to live into the renewal that God has for the whole world.

About the Author
Barbara Rossing is professor of New Testament at the Lutheran School of Chicago, where she has taught since 1994. She is the author of The Rapture Exposed: The Message of Hope in the Book of Revelation. A fervent environmentalist, she speaks on ecology and the environment, as well as biblical and religious topics.

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Spanish & Korean translations are available at: www.pcusa.org/horizons

Did you know that you can receive a copy of Journeys through Revelation: Apocalyptic Hope for Today as part of your subscription to Common Lot magazine? Call toll-free 866/822-8224 ext 3876 or email velezd@ucc.org to subscribe.

Justice for Women

Justice and equality for women will create a better world for all of us. Learn more about some of the vital issue impacting the lives of our friends and neighbors here and around the world.

Remembering Her

Remembering Her: Retrieving Women's Histories 

Renowned scholar and UCC historian Barbara Brown Zikmund offers glimpses of faithful women who as risk-takers and visionaries witness for us courage to live faithfilled lives today and into the future.

Finding Voice Project

Finding Voice Project 

Women: Finding Voice offers readers an opportunity to learn more about the fascinating lives of the clergywomen who have been named as former recipients of the Antoinette Brown Award.

Common Issues

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The UCC Women's Endowment Fund was created to provide for leadership development opportunities in the programs related to women over and above what basic support provides.

Making a gift to this will help assure funds for programming of vital importance to women now and in the future.

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