Prophets on the Edge

Prophets on the Edge

Women's Week 2013
February 3-9

Throughout the United Church of Christ, local congregations will take part in the annual Women's Week activities.  This year's theme, drawn from the lectionary gospel text, Luke 4:21-30, is "Prophets on the Edge."

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Midwife to Prophets - Women's Week

The SAMUEL "Sermon Seeds" for February 3 will also focus on the theme of "Prophets on the Edge."


Ready or Not! Reflection for Women's Week 2013

Reflexión para la Semana de la Mujer 2013


This year during Women’s Week in the UCC, we are adding a justice advocacy action to take on an issue of critical importance to women.  Please encourage all members of your congregation to support this action!  Thank you.