Where can you view UCC's pro-science blogads?

Where can you view UCC's pro-science blogads?

February 04, 2008
Written by Bennett Guess

Throughout February, the UCC's Stillspeaking Ministry is running ads on more than 30 major science-related blogs -- as well as a few broader-focused political blogs -- as part of the release and promotion of the UCC’s Pastoral Letter on Science and Technology.

Here are some of the places where you can view the UCC’s advertising:

• Science Blog (http://www.scienceblog.com/cms/index.php)
• The Politburo Diktat (http://www.acepilots.com/mt/)
• StormTrack (http://www.thestormtrack.com/)
• blog.bioethics.net (http://blog.bioethics.net/)
• The Oil Drum (http://www.theoildrum.com/)
• Kevin, M.D. - Medical Weblog (http://www.kevinmd.com/blog/)
• BC Sci/Tech (http://blogcritics.org/scitech/)
• About My Planet (http://www.aboutmyplanet.com/)
• Ecotality Life (http://ecotality.com/life/)
• Inkling magazine (http://www.inklingmagazine.com/)
• Stem Cell Research Blog (http://stemcell.taragana.net/)
• ilovephysics.com (http://www.ilovephysics.com/)
• Medgear (http://www.medgear.org/)
• Science Ahead (http://www.scienceahead.com/)
• Cleveland Leader (http://www.clevelandleader.com/)
• TCS Daily (http://www.tcsdaily.com/)
• 3 Quarks Daily (http://www.3quarksdaily.com/)
• Hyscience (http://www.hyscience.com/)
• Kathryn Cramer (http://www.kathryncramer.com/)
• Dirty Greek (http://www.dirtygreek.org/)
• Three Wise Men (http://threewisemen.blogspot.com/)
• The Locust Fork News and Journal (http://blog.locustfork.net/index.php)
• The Talent Show (http://thetalentshow.org/)
• Obscure Store and Reading Room (http://obscurestore.typepad.com/)
• AndreaHarner.com (http://www.andreaharner.com/)

Read more news about the science-related blog advertising campaign.

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