Where are the Coachella 95?

Where are the Coachella 95?

April 30, 2003
Written by Staff Reports

This summer, General Synod will celebrate the UCC's past, present, and future commitment to farm workers' struggle for justice. As part of this celebration, delegates and visitors will commemorate the trip made by 95 UCC members from General Synod 9 in 1973 to California's Coachella Valley to stand in solidarity with striking farm workers threatened with violence. Justice and Witness Ministries has located many of the folks who made this journey but is still looking for some of them.

If you have information on any of these people, please send that information to Sheila Kelly, 700 Prospect Ave., Cleveland, OH 44115-1100; email:  kellys@ucc.org; 216-736- 2147; fax 216-736-2276.

Here are the names and the 1973 city/state residence of members of the Coachella Delegation for whom current address information is needed:

Robert H. Antell, Pittsford, N.Y.
Mary N. Brunson, Washington, D.C.
Berkeley S. Burgess, East Orange, N.J.
Wells C. Byrd, Newton, Mass.
Chris Carithers, Omaha, Neb.
Nettie J. Dunbar, Keene, N.H.
Ralph B. Emerson, Philadelphia, Pa.
Robert G. Hamm, Somerset, N.J.
Douglas Hansen, Fort Wayne, Ind.
Rozanne Hauser, Lenox, Mass.
Taka Ishii, Chicago, Ill.
Deborah B. Jones, Seekonk, Mass.*
George H. Lane, Jr., Northfield, Vt.
Gerald F. Lapka, Cleveland, Ohio
Kendall Link, Harrisburg, Pa.
Richard N. Mack, Bowmanstown, Pa.
Gloria Mahorney, Washington, D.C.
Edith Meier, Wooster, Ohio
Floris Mikkelson, Chicago, Ill.
Bruce Payne, East Cleveland, Ohio
Lawrence Riis, Jr., Endwell, N.Y.
Charles Samuels, Moncure, N.C.
Gerald Sapka, Cleveland, Ohio
Harwood D. Schaffer, Hudson, Kan.
Harriette M. Schoppee, Springfield, Mass.
John C. Stahler, Dayton, Ohio
Joel D. Topp, Clarkesville, Iowa
Ralph F. Tuller, Lincoln, Mass.
Walter M. Turpin, Cleveland, Ohio
Diana L. Walworth, Talahassee, Fla.

*Deborah Jones is now Deborah Truncale, married to Angelo Truncale and possibly living in Southern California.

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