‘We condemn all terrorist crimes that perpetuate evil'

‘We condemn all terrorist crimes that perpetuate evil'

September 30, 2001
Written by Staff Reports

William Atkins, right, counsels Paul Cascio, whose son worked in the World Trade Center and is missing. "That's my boy. That's my baby," Cascio said, referring to a flier with a picture and a contact phone number in the event his son had survived. © Newhouse News Service / Scott Lituchy photo.


Words of pain and hurt, comfort and caring, healing and action

United by compassion

Holy One, gracious God, we have truly lost our innocence. Our sense of security lies in rubble. And so we come to You in prayer, united by our pain and our compassion, reaching out to You and to one another across dividing walls of our own construction, barriers of faith, language and nationality. We come to You with sighs too deep for words, with unspeakable anguish, with anger that urgently needs Your gentling touch.

Offered by The Rev. Davida Foy Crabtree, Connecticut Conference Minister, at an Interreligious Service of Memorial and Healing

Palestinians condemn act

As Palestinians, who have been victims of terror, we are appalled at the reports of Palestinians celebrating your tragedy. Amidst all the pain and injustice that we have been living through the past year, we condemn all terrorist crimes that dehumanize and perpetrate evil.

Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center

God is present

Where was God on Sept. 11? God was with the victims bearing with them their burden of fear, hopelessness, despair, agony, anger, pain and death. God was with the firemen, policemen, rescue workers and with doctors and nurses ministering to the injured. God is now with all people of goodwill praying for the victims and their bereaved loved ones. God is with all those involved in a concerted effort to wage "war" against terrorism, reminding them of the need to take the high moral ground and opt for an action strategy that precludes the use of evil means that we deplore.

The Rev. Lourdino A. Yuzon
Cosmopolitan UCC
Carrollton, Texas

Military deserves support

Reach out to those in your churches and communities that are in active or reserve duty in the U.S. military forces. This is a time of great anxiety for them as we await news of response strategies.

In spite of our various opinions about the use of military force, we have learned through painful experience that those in the military (and their families) deserve our honor and support for the added burden they bear.

The Rev. Jane Heckles
Southern California-Nevada Conference Minister

Denounces terrorism

Terrorism is against everybody in the world, against human beings. It is a barbaric act. We denounce it completely. We are ready to help the American people, the American administration, to find the people who are killers and launched these terrorism operations against civilians, against everybody in this world. And I give my condolences to the American people, the American administration. We completely denounce these terrorist groups and these operations.

Ahmad Abdul Rahman
Cabinet secretary
Palestinian Authority

Break the cycle of revenge

We hear the drums of war beating. We hear the politicians pounding their hands and financing violence. That is not the way to lasting peace. It is a guarantee of creating a bleak future for our children and the children who will come after them. Someone must be willing to say no to war. Someone must be willing to absorb the pain and break the cycle of revenge.

The Rev. Arthur Lawrence Cribbs Jr.
Christian Fellowship Community Congregational UCC
San Diego

Advice to bearers of healing

While you minister to those who are grieving and distressed, please remember to heed the advice that you are most likely giving to others: Recognize your limits, and keep yourself healthy so that you can continue to be bearers of healing and agents of reconciliation.

The Rev. Mary Susan Gast
Northern California-Nevada Conference Minister

Hearts are pierced

A tragedy of such magnitude—horrific for the victims, their families and communities directly involved—can not but also pierce the hearts of your entire nation and the entire world.

The Rev. William J. K. Lo
The Presbyterian Church In Taiwan

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