Young Adult Opportunities

Young Adult Opportunities

Two Young Adult Service Community Programs now available ...

Transform your Life - Transform the World

Leadership Development ~ UCC Style ~


    • Community Living
    • Hands-On Justice Advocacy/Service Opportunities
    • Congregational Leadership Activities
    • Faith Conversations

UCC Young Adult Service Communities

Submit on-line application for 2012-2013.  Apply by February 15th for priority placementGeneral applications due March 15th.

Summer Communities of Service

An ecumenical Collaboration of UCC Volunteer Ministries and the Alliance of Baptists.

Submit on-line application.  Applications due January 15th for priority placement.  General applications due February 15th.


    Contact Info

    Mary Schaller Blaufuss
    Team Leader, Global Sharing of Resources
    700 Prospect Ave.
    Cleveland, OH 44115