Transform Your Life - Transform the World

Transform Your Life - Transform the World



Interns in the Young Adult Service Communities (UCC YASC) and the Summer Communities of Service (UCC/Alliance of Baptists) have experienced many gifts from the communities where they serve.  We're telling those inspiring stories to one another and the world.  Apply NOW for the Summer Communities of Service and/or the UCC Young Adult Service Communities (YASC).

UCC Young Adult Service Communities (YASC)
11 months ~ Ages 21-30 

Summer Communities of Service (UCC & Alliance of Baptists)
10 weeks ~ Ages 19-30

  • Community Living
  • Direct Service/Justice Advocacy Work
  • Leadership Development with a Host Congregation
  • Faith Conversations

Apply for the Summer 2013 and 2013-2014 programs today.
Intern Placement begins February 15 for Summer Communities and March 15th for the year-long YASC program. 
Completed application (part I and II) and reference forms required for consideration. 

Questions?  I'd love to talk with you.  Mary Schaller Blaufuss, Executive for UCC Volunteer Ministries,, or 216.736.3214; toll-free 866.822.8224 ext. 3214.



~ Gift-giving ~


Stephanie Gans, Summer Communities intern and Jewish graduate of William and Mary College helped local partners establish a day laborer center in Centreville, VA.  At the summer orientation event Stephanie commented that she loves consensus and is "so impressed" with how the interns were arriving at consensus already despite their diversity.  "In the future when I hear 'I don't know if that will really work,' I can say I know some people it works for."  Read of more summer experiences from Stephanie Gans and Grace Pusey who served with the Wellspring UCC and Centreville Immigration Forum.  2011 blog.

Katrina Lenz, Summer Communities intern and member of the Catholic Church, served at Back Bay Mission in Biloxi, MS as a volunteer coordinator in the housing recovery program and assistant in the Micah Center, a day center for the homeless.  At the end of the summer she reflected, "I immediately learned that the homeless population of Biloxi defies the stereotypical image of the homeless so commonly held by members of today's society.  As I became friends with several of the 'regulars' in the Micah Center, I learned their stories ... Ultimately, I am leaving Biloxi with a small reminder of the kindness I have been shown during my time on the Gulf Coast:  a green and pink woven bracelet made for me by one of the guests in the Micah Center.  I am reminded of Back Bay's vision statement and the prophetic mandate of Micah, to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God," each time I look at it.  Read of more gifts from the summer in Biloxi from 2011 interns Katrina, Kristen Dollar and Jared Adams.  
Cassie Howe, year-long YASC intern and UCC member, serves with Lutheran Social Services of the South West Refugee Resettlement Program through the BeatiCorps (YASC Community of Church of the Beatitudes) in Phoenix, AZ.  Cassie has received the gift of hospitality.  She has experienced the sharing of time and a deep welcome from refugees who are themselves in the midst of resettling into new lives after years in refugee camps around the world.
Kasey Zapatka, year-long YASC inter, serves with JOB (Justice Overcoming Boundaries) with leadership development through the YASC community at Pilgrim UCC in Carlsbad, CA.  In his community organizer training, Kasey had the opportunity to learn skills of identifying abilities and characteristics each person brings to the table of relationships and of examining how those hinder and help.  Kasey has received the gift of those skills needed to get people to open up, while getting to know individuals one-on-one; listening to their stories and hearing the heart of their passions.
Whitney Pardun, year-long YASC intern and UCC member, serves with the BeatiCorps (YASC community of Church of the Beatitudes) in Phoenix, AZ and Beatitudes Agelink Child Care and Early Education Center in an Intergenerational Setting.  Whitney has experienced the response of children who answer questions in a different way and with an open mind as a gift.  Having the job of playing with toys is part of that gift of becoming like a child. 

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