Transform New Orleans UCC Style

Transform New Orleans UCC Style

By Rick Clay, Penn Central Conference
October 20, 2011



This Saturday we leave for our last "official" mission trip to New Orleans.  There are 8 men from the Penn Central Conference area, all but 2 have traveled there with me on prior trips, some several times.  Many of us have so enjoyed serving in New Orleans, both for the friends we made of people who lost everything and the many volunteers we met.  This mission has transformed my view of assisting the less fortunate.  I always loved New Orleans prior to the flood, now it has a whole new meaning to me, serving God and meeting so many nice people!  Just wanted to let you know I am proud to be a UCC member and having the opportunity to serve.  Thanks to the UCC church for sticking it out there for 6 years.  We did good work!


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