Resources for Volunteers

Resources for Volunteers

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    VOLUNTEER STORIES ~ Along the Way...

    Visit the links here to read what volunteers had to say about their experiences.  Reading their stories will give you a feel of what an exciting adventure volunteering can be for you... and for others.  If you are interested in sharing your volunteer experience, please submit your story by using this link




    UCC Congregations in various areas of the United States host volunteers serving in local agencies involved in direct social service and justice advocacy ministries.  Volunteers live in intentional community with reflection and faith conversations integral to the experience.  

    Will You Serve?  Are you 19-30 years of age?  Committed to actions of service & social justice, conscientious living & spritual reflections? 

    UCC and Alliance of Baptist Host Churches provide intention community settings.  For more information check out the links below!



    The  National Disaster and Volunteer Ministries now has a t-shirt available for those working at disaster sites.  On the front is a combination logo of both ministries on the left shoulder.  On the back is the full  logo for the United Church of Christ. This is great for those Volunteers that work on National Disaster sites, such as those affected in the floods, hurricanes etc.  If you are interested in ordering one, please visit the United Church of Christ Resources.  The cost is $7.00 + shipping and handling.  United Church of Christ Resource - 800 537-3394.

       This Partners in Service listing provides a wide variety of opportunities for people to engage in meaningful service, in cooperation with local churches, Conferences and host agencies.

    The philosophy undergirding Volunteer Ministries is that all God's people have been given gifts and that through our baptism we are called to offer these gifts in the service of others.

     Mission trips in the United States are a powerful way to experience the multi-layered realities of people.  You can reflect on your faith in light of these realities and your service.  And you are challenged to make new commitments for justice advocacy and continued service in your own community, the wider U.S., and around the globe. 

     In Our Own Words... Youth Speak Out About Living the Life...

    Youth and young adults talk about their lives, faith and church.  Their witness speaks to the importance of youth in our congregations and communities today.  As you read their words and are inspired by the youth, consider what you would say in your own words about Living the Life.

    In Our Own Words published by Local Church Ministries, a Covenanted Ministry of the United CHurch of Christ, 2008.



     For 50 years, UCC Volunteer Ministries has turned imagination into reality.  The Schlingman-Howell-Shellenberger-Bade Fund for Volunteer Ministries was created to ensure that the UCC continues to nurture such transformation, to provide opportunities for meaningful service, and in doing so, to build a community of faithful leaders who will carry the UCC into the future.  Become part of the future... donate to this ministry and help perpetuate the work of Volunteer Ministries. 
           With the Heart and Mind of a Servant- is a video that celebrates 50 years of volunteer service through the United Church of Christ.  It highlights information that may interest anyone who is considering becoming a volunteer. 

    Will You Serve?  This brochure gives you a brief description of the opportunities available for those who like to volunteer their time and talents.  There are three main areas of opportunities, Partners in Service; Mission Trips in the United States and Service Projects. 

    Volunteer Ministries offers a variety of service and misison trip opportunities in diverse settings for groups and individuals. 

    "If I [Jesus] have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another's feet."

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