United Church of Christ


Church World Service Immigration & Refugee Program (Lancaster)

Mission:  Resettlement of international refugees in the U.S.  (http://www.cwslancaster.org)

Volunteer Position:  Program Assistance

Period:  September - August

Apply by:  March 15

Housing:  Shared housing

Minimum Age:  19 years

The Neighborhood Academy (Pittsburgh)

Mission:  Provides a college preparatory education to low income students.  The approach includes an extended school stay, small classes, close communication with families and college preparatory curriculum.  Counseling transportation, three meals a day and assistance with emergency needs like medical care are all part of the program.  (www.theneighborhoodacademy.org)  

Volunteer Position:  Teaching associate.  May serve as teacher, academic advisor, coach, evening study session proctor, and other program assistance.

Period:  9-12 months beginning each September (Long-Term) OR 3 months placements throughout the year (Short-Term)

Apply by:  March 15 - Long-Term (placements begin September) OR 3 months prior to requested start date - Short-Term

Housing:  Volunteer Group Housing (Long-Term) OR Host Family (Short-Term)

Minimum Age: 21 years with college degree

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