Gould Farm (Monterey and Boston)

Mission:  Therapeutic community for adults with mental illness. (

Volunteer Position:  Community volunteer - Volunteers work directly with those who come for care and live in a community setting, participating in gardening, forestry, dairy and livestock care, cooking and kitchen responsibilities, reception, marketing, maintenance, recreation and residential support, roadside store and café, community health team, residential client services, administration, child care, and community coordination.

Period:  September - August

Apply by:  March 15

Housing:  Volunteer group housing

Minimum Age:  19 years

Heifer International Learning Center, Heifer Farm (Rutland)

Mission:  Offers hands-on educational experiences that promote sustainable solutions to global hunger, poverty and environmental degradation.  (

Volunteer Position:  General education, livestock, horticulture, or maintenance

Period:  3-12 month placements throughout year or 7-12 month placements, beginning at staggering times throughout the year.

Housing:  Group housing

Minimum Age:  18 years

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