United Church of Christ


Jubilee Partners (Comer)

Mission:  Hosting and resettling newly arrived refugees. Jubilee Partners is also involved in various peacemaking activities and anti-death penalty work.  Residential Christian service community located in rural northeast Georgia, focusing on a compassionate lifestyle and trying to be responsible stewards of the resources available.  (www.jubileepartners.org)

Volunteer Position:  Volunteers work in almost every activity at Jubilee--teach English and provide childcare for refugees as well as provide cultural information and skills, clean refugee houses between occupants, and do gardening, construction, and maintenance as needed.  Work is matched with experience and interest, but all also share in lots of work that is less than glamorous.

Period:  January 3 - May 21; May 29  - August 13; August 21 - December 23

Apply by:  3 months prior to requested start date

Housing:  Intentional community with resident partners, seasonal volunteers, and refugees from war-torn countries.

Minimum Age:  19 years

Koinonia Partners (Americus) 

Mission:  Offers opportunities for spiritual renewal and work for social justice by serving neighbors and participating in peacemaking projects.  (www.koinoniapartners.org)

Volunteer Position:  Volunteer's days consist of prayer, work, study, service, and fellowship.  Common tasks include tending pecan and fruit orchards, bakery work, maintenance and home repair ministry, work with children & Elders, and office work.

Period:  February - April; June - August; September - December

Apply by:  3 months prior to requested start date

Housing:  Intentional community with volunteers

Minimum Age:  19 years

Open Door Community (Atlanta)

Mission:  Residential Christian community in the Catholic worker tradition (sometimes called a Protestant Catholic Worker House), serving the homeless, poor, and prisoners.  (www.opendoorcommunity.org)

Volunteer Position:  Resident volunteers assist with and participate in all activities of the Community, including soup kitchen work, supervision of showers and clothes closet, house cleaning, answering the phone and door, receiving and sorting donations, meal preparation and clean-up. Volunteers participate in the work of the Open Door Community in working for change in our social structures and in ourselves; in practicing hospitality and friendliness. 

Period:  September - August

Apply by:  March 15

Housing:  Intentional community with volunteers and those served

Minimum Age:  20 years