Heifer Farm (Rutland)


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Contact: Reservations Office  
   216 Wachusett Street
   Rutland, MA 01543-9761
Phone: 508.886.2221 or 855-343-4337
Web site: 

Heifer Farm is one of the three learning centers operated by Heifer International, a global non-profit committed to working with communities in need around the world to end hunger and poverty while caring for the Earth.  Heifer's learning centers provide experiential education that inspires, challenges and engages people to join with Heifer's mission and take action.

Project/Focus: The amount and length of service activities vary by program and primarily focus on assisting with daily chores on the farm such as gardening, working with livestock and helping with farm maintenance.  The service helps maintain the Learning Center so that it remains an active Heifer International community.

Educational/Advocacy Components:  Heifer's Learning Centers offer programs that combine experiential learning with service activities.  For details please ask for the program pre-trip packet.

Time: We offer 1-night, 2-night or 4-night programs
Global Gateway ( 1-2 nights)
Alternative Break (5 nights)
Day Camp (5 days)
Women’s Lambing (March & April)

 Group Size: Minimum:  none; Maximum:  48 people (May - October) & 16 people (off-peak)

 Minimum Age: 6th grade & up or ages 11 and up.

 Adult to Youth Ratio:  1:7

Conditions: Lodging is provided in either dorm-style bunkrooms with modern restroom, shower and electricity or in platform tents with cots and electricity with nearby modern restrooms and showers.  Freshly prepared meals are served buffet-style.  Lunch and dinner include farm-based products reflecting our commitments to sustainability, self-reliance, nutrition and improving the environment.

Cost: Tuition fees vary per program and include programming, lodging and meals.

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Contact Info

Mary Schaller Blaufuss
Team Leader, Global Sharing of Resources
700 Prospect Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44115