Welcome To The 2014 Mission Trip Opportunities Publication

Welcome To The 2014 Mission Trip Opportunities Publication

Mission Trip Opportunities 2014

Encouraging a UCC Culture of Hands-On Engagement

Mission Trips are part of a hands-on engagement of faith that draws people out of their comfort zones to experience God in new ways.  It is a hands-one engagement that opens individuals and communities to new way of understanding our place in the world and so more open to an extravagant welcome.  The UCC is challenged toward a hands-on engagement that creates the kind of change that moves individuals and of communities into life-situations of abundance and well-being and change that transforms the lives of all involved.  

The UCC in its national setting has identified three core values of what it means to be part of the United Church of Christ and to which we can aspire.

Continuing Testament.  We take Scripture seriously and not literally.  We believe God continues to speak and act in the word in new and life-giving ways.

Extravagant Welcome.  Wherever you are on life's journey, you are welcome here.  We believe God accepts and loves each person and community.  We are part of God's community of mutual love.

Changing Lives.  God's love doesn't accept the status quo.  God is always moving in the world to transform the lives of individuals and of communities.  We believe that our role in mission is to join God in that shaping of society and transformation of the way we live together so that God's presence and love are made known in the world.

Every year, more and different congregations engage in mission trips, both within the United States and with UCC/Disciples' partner churches and organizations around the globe.  Within the United States, an encouraging trend is that adult groups and multi-generational groups are following the lead offered by youth groups and engaging in mission trips themselves.

This "UCC Mission Trip Opportunities" listing includes recommended host sites that utilize groups in on-going ministry in their communities.  By experiencing the relationships built up by these UCC and partner organizations, you become part of their  year-round ministry.  Participating in the experiences provided by these mission trips host sites will help  your own faith to grow.

Thank you for being part of the UCC culture of hands-on engagement.  Know that you are part of God's continuing testament, extravagant welcome and changing lives.

Mary Schaller Blaufuss
Executive for UCC Volunteer  Ministries
Wider Church Ministries 

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Team Leader, Global Sharing of Resources
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