Disaster Recovery VolunteersOLD

Disaster Recovery VolunteersOLD

Compassion in Action

Your service will not only assist in the physical acts of helping people rebuild their homes, but is an act of presence that indicates the commitment to walk beside people as they seek to rebuild their lives.  Together, we can be the body of Christ in the world.  The wider UCC utilizes mission trip groups to help home owners in the long-term recovery process.  Opportunities to serve and registration will be posted on this page as they are available.


Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania
Long-Term Disaster Recovery from September 2011 flooding

*** Registration information here.***

In September 2011, Tropical Storm lee hit the eastern part of the United StatesBloomsburg, Pennsylvania is microcosm of the devastation left behind by its remnants.  Lee unleashed more than a foot of rain in places from Louisiana to New York, sending creeks and rivers rising to record levels and forcing hundreds of thousands of people to evacuate their homes. On September 20, 2011, Emergency Management Coordinator, Larry Lahiff, estimated that in Columbia County (where Bloomsburg, PA is located) 2,500 structures were damaged or destroyed by flood waters.  When he predicted that clean-up and recovery for the thousands affected would take months, he was right. 

Your group can now help with this recovery process.

Watch video of the storm damage above and here is a personal interview.

Aerial view of flood damage.  Flooding as seen Friday, Sept. 9, 2011, in Bloomsburg, PA., after remnants from Tropical Storm Lee continued to produce heavy rain overnight.  The grounds of the Bloomsburg Fair are located in the middle of this photo with water up to the roof of buildings. (AP Photo/Mel Evans)

Minot, North Dakota ready for long-term disaster recovery from Summer 2011 Floods

Homeowners of the Souris Valley, located in Northwestern North Dakota, are struggling after a 500 year flood occurred in July 2011.  Minot is the state's 4th largest town.  The unprecedented flood waters left over 4,000 homes unlivable and displaced over 12,000 residents.  Flood protection built after a flood in 1969 was thought to protect many homes, but water covered their rooftops in 2011.  Of the 4,000+ homes damaged, less than 400 had flood insurance.  The flood waters stayed longer than any other flood in US history.  They need our help to accompany them in rebuilding homes and neighborhoods.

The Souris River ("Souris" translates to "Mouse") is a winding river that originates in Canada; makes a U turn SE of Minot, ND and returns to Canada.  The Mouse River is normally narrow and shallow, but in the spring of 2011, Canada got 7 inches of rain on top of higher than normal precipitation.  The Corps of Engineers held back the water to give Souris Valley residents time to evacuate.  When the dam reservoirs reached maximum capacity, the gates were opened and a wall of water flooded the town and valley.  More ...

MINOT, ND needs your help to rebuild.  Groups begin April 15th ~ Register here.




Recruiting Volunteers for 2012 Orthodox Action Teams
UCC volunteers welcome for this ecumenical experience.


 Joplin, Missouri ready for long-term recovery from May 2011 tornado.  Volunteer Groups needed now!  Information and Registration.  Watch You-Tube video of the tornadoes early aftermath.

"Please note that all weeks during June and July 2012 are full.


Birmingham, Alabama ready for long-term recovery from April 2011 Tornadoes. 
Volunteer Groups needed now! 




New partner host site in New Orleans - The Phoenix of New Orleans (PNOLA).  PNOLA utilizes mission trip groups and provides contractor quality project management services to help homeowners rehabilitate and return to their homes.  Year-round January 1, 2012 - December 31, 2012.  Registration Information.




Roundup, Montana is beginning to rebuild after June 2011 floods.

Registration information.







United Church of Christ Responding To:

Disaster recovery work groups may be quite different from other kinds of mission trips. Work projects for any particular week may not be known ahead of time. Flexibility and patience are key for the success of your experience. Materials for orientation, debriefing and on-site reflection are available from each site upon registration.

Other Types of Group Mission Trip Opportunities also available See Mission Trip Opportunities 2012 for more information.

Long-Term "Partners in Service" Volunteers for Individuals/Couples

  •      Assist with Leadership in Programs
  •      3-12 month Placements
  •      Housing and Food/Living Expenses Stipend Provided  

Other Types of "Partners in Service" Volunteer Opportunities also available.  See Partners in Service Volunteer Opportunities for more information.

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