Disaster Recovery Mission Trips 2010 -- Iowa and Indiana

Disaster Recovery Mission Trips 2010 -- Iowa and Indiana

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Various locations within Iowa or Indiana are hosting disaster recovery mission trips.

  • Cedar Rapids, Iowa - openings available through August 2010 (Minimum age 14 years)
  • Disaster Assistance for Northwest Indiana (DANI) (Minimum age 16 years) Openings available for June and July 2010

Participate in the Church World Service "Ecu-Build' in Cedar Rapids, Iowa (Minimum age 16 years)
April 11 - May 21, 2010.  Information and registration.   

The role of the wider United Church of Christ in disasters is focused on the technology-caused disasters and on the long-term recovery of a community.  Our presence and service with the clean-up and repair/rebuilding of homes several months after a disaster helps assure people that they are not alone or forgotten.

Your service is needed for Long-Term Disaster Recovery from floods and tornadoes in the Midwestern United States – Clean-Up, Preparation and Repair/Rebuild of homes.

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Watch video - Cedar Rapids, Iowa Summer 2008 - "In Deep Water" 

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This form is for group leaders and individuals who are willing to join with other groups on-site to volunteer.  Individuals who are part of a group complete the waiver form(s) and skill level sheet (Links below).  Bring completed waiver forms with you to the mission trip site.  Forms must be complete before work can begin. 

Waiver Form for Volunteers 19 years and older
Waiver Form for Volunteers under 19 years

Pam Small, UCC Volunteer Registrar & Coordinator will contact you with information about your selected site, housing arrangements, and local people who will guide your experience.  She is also the one to contact regarding availability of dates and openings.  psmall66@gmail.com; cell phone (812) 453-3995. 

Groups volunteering for a full week are requested to arrive on Sunday evening and depart on Saturday.  Groups volunteering for a partial week should indicate specific days during a particular week in the form below. 

A donation of $50 per person per week or $10 per person per day is suggested to defray housing costs.  This is payable to the host congregation on-site.

Questions?  Please contact Mary Schaller Blaufuss, Executive Volunteer Ministries, blaufusm@ucc.org.

          Disaster Recovery Mission Trips


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Select only 1 location per form submitted.  Cedar Rapids, IANorthwest Indiana, Lakeshore Area Regional RecoveryNOrthwest Indiana, Disasater Assistance for Northwest Indiana
Lake Shore Area Regional Recovery is now COMPLETELY BOOKED!
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Mary Schaller Blaufuss
Team Leader, Global Sharing of Resources
700 Prospect Ave.
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