Volunteer Opportunities for Boomers

Volunteer Opportunities for Boomers


Baby boomers volunteer to serve in the world through the United Church of Christ to increase the capacity of direct service and advocacy organizations, to grow spiritually, and to experience a great adventure for God.

Apply now for the "Partners in Service" long-term volunteer program.  A completed "Partners in Service" application includes parts 1 & 2 and three references.  

Start the placement process today:

A completed application will remain on file with the UCC Volunteer Ministries office, if desired, to serve also for future placement opportunities. 

Spiritual Retreats to Accompany your Volunteer Service
"Partners in Service"  Retreat Sponsored by UCC national setting, Volunteer Ministries' Office

Join other baby boomer volunteers who have served through the UCC "Partners in Service" program in the United States for periods of 3 weeks to one year or more.  Be part of the reflection experiences of young adults from the USA and from global partner churches and organizations who are serving year-long placements in the United States.

February  8- 12, 2015 at Slumber Falls Camp and Retreat Center, New Braunfels, Texas
Register by January 5, 2015.  Send registration and inquiries to blaufusm@ucc.org.
$400 per person.  Transportation costs on your own.

Check out retreat offerings at UCC Camp and Conference Centers in your area or another part of the country.   


Dress in UCC Partners in Service identity -wear.  Purchase through Lands's End.

First Option:          Call 1-800-587-1541 and give them customer (6106234) and logo number (1299110).  Include information on what you would like to order.

Second Option:     Go to Landsend.com/business.  Create a user name and password.  (If you already have one, login first than go shopping.)

                               At upper right hand corner click "My logos"

                               Add Logo Number (1299110) and Customer Number (6106234)

                               Give logo nickname (Please don't use the word "logo" when naming it.)

                               Click "add to library" it will take anywhere from 1-3 minutes to finish.

                               Go Shopping!

Long-Term Volunteer Opportunities through UCC "Partner in Service" program also seach  "Partners in Service"  full-time/long-term volunteer opportunities in UCC "Openings"

Qualified candidates are placed in available volunteer positions on a rolling basis as completed applications are received.

 Organization  Dates of Service Applications
accepted until
Back Bay Mission 
     Biloxi, MS
Nov. - Dec. 2014 09/15/2014 Volunteer Coordinator 
Back Bay Mission 
     Biloxi, MS 
Nov. - Dec. 2014 09/15/2014 Construction Site Supervisor
Camp Courageous
     Monticello, IA
Sept. - Dec. 2014 07/01/2014 Camp Companion 
Innisfree Village
     Crozet, VA
Jan. - Dec. 2015 09/15/2014 Camp Companion Intentional Community Living
Disaster Recovery
June - July - Aug. 2014 04/15/2014 Construction Site/Team Supervisor
Disaster Recovery
Sept. - Oct. 2014  07/15/2014 Construction Site/Team Supervisor 
Disaster Recovery
Nov. - Dec. 2014 09/15/2014 Construction Site/Team Supervisor

Prodigals Community
     Winston-Salme, NC

Jan - March 2015 09/15/2014 Work Crew & Transportation Specialist

Prodigals Community
     Winston-Salme, NC

Jan - March 2015
09/15/2014 Resident Assistant

Prodigals Community
     Winston-Salme, NC

April - May 2015 01/15/205 Work Crew & Transportation Specialist 

Prodigals Community
     Winston-Salme, NC

April - May 2015 01/15/2015 Resident Assistant

 Plymouth Healing Communities
       Seattle, WA

Sept. 2014 - Aug. 2015 04/15/2014 Companion, House of Healing

Meeting Ground (1-2 Positions)
      Elkton, MD

Nov. 2014 - Mar. 2015 09/15/2014 Homeless Shelter In-Take Specialist

Open Door Community
     Atlanta, GA

Sept. 2014 - Aug. 2015 03/15/2014  Resident Volunteer
Intentional Community Living 

Menaul School (1-2 positions)
     Albuquerque, NM

Sept. - Dec. 2014 06/15/2014 Program Assistant

Heifer Ranch Learning Center (1-2 positions)
      Perryville, AR

Times Vary, Limited availability   Host and Greeter

Silver Lake Camp & Conference Center
     Sharon, CT

Sept. - Dec. 2014 07/15/2014 Assistant to Site  Manager

Silver Lake Camp & Conference Center
     Sharon, CT

Sept. - Dec. 2014 07/15/2014 Guest Services Assistant

Pilgrim Heights Camp & Retreat Center
      Montour, IA

Times Vary Times Vary Building & Grounds Upkeep

United Church Camps
     Ripen & St. Germain, WI

Times Vary Times Vary Building & Grounds Upkeep

Slumber Fall Camp & Retreat Center (1-2 postions)
     New Braunfels, TX

Times Vary  Times Vary  Group Hospitality & Constituency Relationship Specialist



Contact Info

Mary Schaller Blaufuss
Team Leader, Global Sharing of Resources
700 Prospect Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44115