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May 21, 2014

Two positions have just opened up in the UCC Young Adult Service Communities! 

YOU could be the right person for one of the them.

YASC at First Parish Church United of Westford, MA -  position with the Wish Project or Minute Man ARC

YASC at Old First Reformed UCC, Philadelphia, PA  - position with P.O.W.E.R. Faith Based Community Organizing

Serve September 2, 2014 – August 2, 2015

Applications accepted on a rolling basis until all positions are filled.

Housing, food stipend, and health insurance provided.  

Letters of support provided for applying for student loan deferment.

2014-2015 YASC Network Locations possible in Bethesda, MD - Westford, MA - Philadelphia, PA - St. Louis, MO - Seattle, WA

  • Intentional Community Living
    Interns live in intentional community with each other - sharing time, space, traditions, commitments, and reflection.  Interns development relationships with their host congregation, local community, and YASC groups in other locations.
  • Congregational Service
    Experience the integration of congregational life and mission/service/justice advocacy.  Develop servant leadership skills.
  • Hands-On Justice Advocacy/Service Opportunities
    Experience the gifts and share your passions and skills with vulnerable or excluded people.
  • Faith Conversations
    Reflect on your experience and explore a vocabulary of faith that expresses a radical hospitality.  Participate in "vocational discernment" and help vision a church engaged in God's work in the world.  Participate in justice Leaders training.



Rev. Mary Schaller Blaufuss
Team Leader, Global Sharing of Resources
700 Prospect Ave.
Cleveland,Ohio 44115

Ms. Diane Dicken
Administrative Assistant, Global Sharing of Resources
700 Prospect Ave.
Cleveland,Ohio 44115