General Information


It is to be understood by all concerned that placement is full-time, approximately 40 hours per week, for the residential and international programs. Additional part-time employment is strongly discouraged.  Any exceptions should be decided by the parties concerned.  Schedules often vary from week to week and may include evening and weekend hours.

Virtual volunteers servce by project.  The parameters are agreed upon before the start of service.

Premature termination is possible, when necessary, and can be initiated with the Volunteer Ministries program by the volunteer, the service site, or both.  If an unsatisfactory placement has been made, a reassignment may be pursued. 

Financial Assistance

Some UCC Conferences and local churches in which UCC Volunteers reside have financial aid programs to assist volunteers. Volunteers should make inquiries of Conferences and churches to ascertain if financial aid is available. 


Loan Deferment & AmeriCorps Education Awards

In some situations, student loans may be deferred for a period of up to three years while the recipient is engaged in service.  The volunteer must contact their lending agency.  The UCC Volunteer Ministries Office can provide letters of documentation and support.  In certain placement sites and within the parameters of the AmeriCorps program, AmeriCorps Education Awards may be available.


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